How to cook clams. An easy and delicious recipe for steamed manila clams

Pat has only 20 minutes to make a meal that will impress his ‘foodie’ friends. He pulls it off using Mac’s Manila clams, preparing a meal that is nutritious and delicious that any so-called aficionado of food and drink would enjoy. Manila clams are environmentally sustainably farmed in the Pacific Northwest and can be purchased at most seafood retailers across North America. For more information on where you can buy Manila Clams or clam farming in general you can contact Mac’s Oysters Ltd at the web address at the end of the video. Thank you for watching this “Foodie in Five” video.


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20 Responses

  1. I just tried the recipe, it was delish! Thanks

  2. Philip Young says:

    Looks great!…Quick & easy (._.)

  3. Brian Hale says:

    i have made it many times and its a hit.. thank you

  4. jordan allen says:

    that looks good and I don't even like clams

  5. Brian Hale says:

    i have used this recipe and everyone loves it. Thanks!

  6. add the left over parsley for garnish ya goof 

  7. w ching says:

    I harvest these suckers about 2-3times per month here in Washington State and it has replace meat in my diet, but i'm running out of idea's on how to prepare them!!

  8. Josh Shep says:

    Great video, I'm cooking fresh clams I got off the beach yesterday from here in the great North West. 

  9. Thanks.  The clams I bought at the market, in China, seem to be the same kind.  I needed to get dinner done in a hurry too, so this was perfect!

  10. 419chris419 says:

    "Less then 10 bucks" 
    Thank god i'm in asia where I can get it for 2$

  11. Rich Pedley says:

    My clams came out great! Never made them before but going to start eating them a lot more now.
     Thanks for posting MacsOyster!!

  12. José Cuevas says:

    fresh sand whit onions and clams.. good

  13. Jake Barbee says:

    This is by far the best recipe. I have made them twice now and they have turned out great each time.

  14. i dont think its less than 20 mins time to prepare coz u need to wash the clams to get rid of sands then u need to chop those onions and garlics which u did not show that part…normally it takes an hour or less with the preparation and thats what u need to explain to viewers u see…

  15. Good job brother, that looks really good.. I will try this recipe this week.. Thanx for sharing.. Blessings..

  16. Pizzimontana says:

    You need olive oil and pasta inside…

  17. first time to cook clams ? thank you for this recipe ❤ freshly gathered from the hk beach!

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