Chicken Marsala recipe. A best ever classic Italian chicken dinner recipe

Chicken Marsala recipe with Chef Jack Chaplin. The best Italian chicken recipe ever! A classic Italian cuisine dinner recipe. For more chicken dinner recipes, beef recipes, Italian recipes, and tips visit our channel chaplinsrestaurant. On Facebook it’s Daddy Jack’s


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42 Responses

  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of skillets these are?

  2. Susan W. says:

    nice twist adding the tomatoes and marinara, never seen that done before, gonna have to try that next time

  3. David Pierce says:


    I wanted to let you know that i have now been following your videos for almost 2 years. All my family and Friends ask my why I didnt become a chef – so i had to tell them your the reason! Love the Recipes. From NJ but now live in GA. Have a family house in NH on Lake Winninpasaukee. Hope to stop in if we get close to New London

  4. That looks delicious!

  5. Checkm8king2 says:

    Regardless of how you cook it make sure to use imported Marsala wine!

  6. Man, you cook up some mean looking dishes! I live in Portland Oregon, and he have a pretty good food seen going on here, but I'd love to eat at your place some day! Thanks for sharing your recipe's and showing us how it's done!

  7. Great video!!! We are two Roman girls promoting having fun while cooking. Please, check out our YouTube channel 'Cooking with Simo & Fra.' Ciao!

  8. kind person says:

    Thank you so Much you are the Best of the Best I made this and it was grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat

  9. Ben shope says:

    giving this a shot tonight

  10. Jason Bay says:

    Looks sooo good! I do mine a little different, but i have to try this out now! Thank you once again!

  11. Seth M says:

    I made this exact recipe. it's seriously the best out there. just a tip you want the chicken sliced a little thin. I took a full breast, cut it in half and pounded it out a little. I don't like when I've got a huge chunk of chicken.

  12. Pedro Perez says:

    What did he season the chicken with though that sneaky devil

  13. maaaan!! this whole time i thought chicken marsala was indian food. that's why i never order, i get enough of indian food at home.

    next date night at the italian restaurant, i gotta gets me some of this, looks fuckin good.

    hope they make it as good as u

  14. Donald King says:

    Marco sure looked happy lol

  15. Now thats a serving and half, YUMMBO! I had this dish before in our local Italian restaurant, but it had a darker sauce and it was gooood too!

  16. Thanks for this video, this meal came out delicious, definitely stopping by your restaurant next time Im in CT area.

  17. epillnero says:

    dry or sweet marsala wine?

  18. I have never seen anyone pick up a hot pan or lid with tongs before. Very impressive!

  19. Gerald West says:

    My kind of Chef! Very nice, thanks for sharing your badass skills with us!

  20. That looked fucking good!

  21. Me pregunto
    Por que son tan sucios d limpiar el plato con el mismo trapo con que se limpian las manos wacala 

  22. Bob Last says:

    my fav dish…never saw it this way. I think I have a new chick marsala dish….

  23. Jack you are my go to guy for good food ideas ,it is fun to watch you because you have personality ,I call how you cook MEN food but ay girls like it too

  24. Katacus says:

    Now thats a real chef

  25. Omg chef that looks amazing 

  26. Lorena A says: that´s a kick ass chicken Marsala…YUM

  27. Joe Dugas says:

    fat man can cook like a beast….next time on the east coast…I'm there!

  28. No sound . but it looked great .

  29. Nessun Dorma says:

    I want a recipe for hunters sandwich-anyone??

  30. dojufitz says:

    Very generous serving….Marco one lucky dude.

  31. How many times he's made this for his self

  32. Ehab Alsayed says:

    you make  Italian cuisine simple and easy dame it jack you mass up my diet :)

  33. I absolutely adore this dish. You make me sooo hungry. I made it a couple of nights ago for the first time rather than eating out and I was shocked how well I gave it a balanced seasoned taste with the wine I used as well.

  34. Dave Briffa says:

    that looks real good, i just found your channel, i like your cooking i will be watching them all. cant visit you though im in the U.K  but thanks. big thumbs up

  35. XCocoaCutieX says:

    yummy, I will try this out!

  36. Danny Nguyen says:

    This man can cook

  37. Ya it looks good but hes using domestic Marsala wine. You can tell by the white wine see thru color. Real imported Marsala from Italy is thick and dark so you cant even see thru it. Bad wine.

  38. neeha glee says:

    That was a Good one! Thanks for sharing such an awesome video!! 🙂 
    Your videos are so unique!!

  39. moviemanmarc says:

    Just made this for myself and my wife for our 7th Wedding Anniversary…amazing Thanks Jack!

  40. Jerry JerryW says:

    I have been watching Daddy Jack for a couple of years….this Marsala recipe is fantastic…everybody loves this it….this guy is a blast to watch..Chicken francaise is the best.

  41. James Trail says:

    This looks downright delicious!!!

  42. NN067 says:

    This is like porn when I'm hungry.

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