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  1. Alexis Sykes says:

    What if you can't bring peanut butter to school?

  2. does she realize fruit and veg come from the garden not packets????

  3. Ashley says:

    Yes, but 2 tablespoons of peanut butter has 200 calories. Imagine 8 tablespoons in half a cup of peanut utter. That's 600 calories, plus the tortilla, granola, apples, baby carrots, and milk. That could be an easy 800 calories for one lunch

  4. Dina Nichols says:

    1/2 a cup? try more like one tablespoon. MAYBE a tablespoon and a half.

  5. not just calories but 1 tablespoon of peanut butter has 10 grams of fat and kids should only get twenty in a day

  6. Are they at Fred Meyer's?

  7. This gives me ideas, less peanut butter and a bit of real veggies, perfect 🙂

  8. tpix2009 says:

    If you have an athlete they need that much protein and there needs to be some fat in there. You need a balanced diet….

  9. Calories aren't what they are concerned about. What the video is actually emphasizing is VARIETY and a balanced diet. The calories don't matter as much most of the time. Feeding children isn't about counting calories. Calories are not everything, they are just one element of a food. Children don't need a strictly analyzed diet of so many calories. They need a variety of foods that is decently healthy, some exercise, and a good eight to ten hours of sleep a night to be healthy.

  10. Also, the peanut butter only looks like it totaled about a tablespoon and a half which looks like a lot spread on a small tortilla. Even if you use one tablespoon of pb on a small tortilla, it looks like a lot. Maybe the kid doesn't eat a lot of meat and needs a bit more protein than normal, peanut butter is one substitute for meat which contains quite a bit of fat if you prepare it to be palatable and interesting.

  11. Cristina says:

    every kind of butter is unhealthy, a good substitute for butter is olive oil which contains vegetable fats. I don't really understand the need of putting peanut butter in a tortillas if you're making something healthy!

  12. its natural peanut butter.

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  14. Twinkletok says:

    Did you just compare peanut butter to dairy butter? Yes olive oil is healthier than butter, but a quality/natural peanut butter contains only peanuts and sometimes salt. Definitely not unhealthy in moderation.

  15. HW Geez says:

    i never eat that much peanut butter for once, that is too much, i bet that counts more than 100 calories.

  16. Kat Sophie says:

    I think she should have used all natural almond butter.

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