French Fries (Restaurant Recipe)

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French Fries just the way it is made in Restaurants!/khanakhazana


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36 Responses

  1. Anki Keekan says:

    super French fry

  2. to make restaurant like potato is it nesseserry to use non starchy potatoes please answer me ???

  3. Nano Noor says:

    ah al mohn da

  4. Dua Hassan says:

    what is your number

  5. Philip Jones says:

    You dont need to boil in water. Also you fail to mention the best kind of oil to use to make chips. What do you recommend?

  6. isidre abad says:

    Estoy flipando que es esto?
    No lavamos las patatas
    no las repelamos
    que fuerte

  7. Surya Vasu says:

    Superb mam thank u

  8. Dr. FeelGood says:

    im on 720p and the video still looks like its been shot through a potato

  9. Arman Gous says:

    Thank you for share this vidio

  10. A big flop, with a capital" F". please guys don't try this at's not crispy at all and a waste of time.????

  11. daliya vinod says:

    how long can i store the frozen potato strips? 2 days? 3 days?

  12. manju batra says:

    Recipe written in words is really horrible to read.

  13. Kush Batra says:

    too good
    i like this recipie

  14. if i dont have zip lock bag then can i store them in a plastic bag by tying an rubber band??

  15. Problem is that non-starchy potatoes are available only in Winter

  16. gottfer says:

    worst recipe of french fries ever its suppose to be golden and crunchy not broken white and spongy like yours sorry xD

  17. Flop recipe.. I tried.. Waste of time & material.. All that 3/4 cooked crab.. Freezing actually destroys ur fries.. Never freeze for so long .. They become a frozen lump and disintegrate while frying.. Guys never try this recipe.. It's not crunchy at all.. Better fry them directly after cutting .. Crab!

  18. Nosheen Arif says:

    thanks for sharing it is really good idea

  19. Al Jajeera says:

    add red chilli powder poodalaama?????

  20. vidaripollen says:

    French fries are most dangerous for liver and heart .A real killer.

  21. don't bluff ok when you cut potatoes this too small and fat but after pot on freeze and fry its look like big ha ha ha

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  23. Sana Kolq says:

    can we use starchy potatos?

  24. Sathi Raju says:


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