How to make Easy Olive Garden style Alfredo Sauce Recipe

Simple quick recipe for an Olive Garden style Alfrado Sauce Recipe. You can make this in probably 15 minutes if you’re quick! It could be made almost as quick as the pasta can cook! Now that’s easy. Another cooking with Steve in the continuing series of recipes.

2 Cups Whipping Cream
1/2 Cup butter
2 Cloves Garlic minced
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 cup Grated Parmasean


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40 Responses

  1. majid Ashif says:

    I had to be a ghost to write this comment

  2. I literally just made this! Awesome recipe! Thanks a bunch!

  3. K Hope says:

    thanks Steve. I made it tonight for the family it was amazing.

  4. This was enjoyable to watch as you got straight to the point with the recipe and less b.s. like other recipe videos do. From the comments on here, it seems like this is the recipe I will go with :D. Thanks for making this video as it seems super easy to make homemade Alfredo sauce. I plan on making the ultimate Italian or Cajun pasta next week.

  5. I like it with a egg yolk whisked in… It makes it a lil richer…But it does look good !…Oh.. If I kill myself…how am I gonna eat it? lol

  6. Works better if you heat the cream first

  7. katie M says:

    I subbed as soon as he said "when you find out how easy this is to make you're gonna kill yourself"

  8. Cody Vector says:

    Metal spoon on teflon? "Kill yourself!" ?

  9. welp I got my gun here we go-

  10. he is right about not using shaved or shredded parmesian. clumpy mess. i should have watched before shopping lol

  11. Just made this tonight and my family loved it and also our house guest who is from Italy. I will definitely make it again. Thanks

  12. Nancy Mill says:

    Thank you for a good job)

  13. debbie burke says:

    Oh my gosh.. Everyone already wrote what I was thinking… Kill my metal spoon…lol

  14. This sauce is the bomb!!!!

  15. Miss Henry says:

    You killed an entire household. Thanks it was delicious and simple!

  16. joshua irvin says:

    Your non stick is coming off you might want to toss out that pot. Stainless steel and cast Iron is all i'll use.

  17. All thumbs-down votes from people triggered by the words "Olive Garden." :p

  18. marcjtdc says:

    Im eating this now. Its like a rock is in my stomach.

  19. b. eskra says:

    I feel like i am annoying him for some reason.

  20. If I make this I bet it's going to ruin the magic of Olive Garden for me because I literally only come for their Chicken Alfredo.

  21. "When you find out how easy it is, you'll kill yourself" fucking same.

  22. My boyfriend and I have been making this recipe for about a year now, and we watch this video every time even though we know what to do just because of the "You're gunna kill yourself" ??

  23. Dee Pee says:

    ingredients are correct but the cooking method is wrong you didnt let the butter melt enough to sautee the garlic. All cooks j iw that garlic has to be sauteed before to bring out the flavors then you add the rest.. you basically just boiled everything together. Yes i will need to shoot myself?

  24. Sugary Leaf says:

    Thanks for the recipe, using it tonight in a seafood Alfredo.

  25. Mousey24 M says:

    I’ve been looking for a reason to kill myself. I think I’ve found it. Thank you angel of death.

  26. Don't even try to use magerine

  27. Just made some and added cream cheese so delicious!

  28. evespower1 says:

    Just made this and it is incredible! Thank you!

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