Sweet Dinner Rolls Recipe – How to Make Sweet Dinner Rolls

Get the recipe for Donna West’s Sweet Dinner Rolls @

See how to make heavenly dinner rolls from scratch. Your bread machine does the kneading for you.





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14 Responses

  1. Blaine Andy says:

    Can i use bread flour for this?

  2. How long do I need to knead if I don't use a bread maker?

  3. gsooo1 says:

    O.m.g. This came out so very perfect! !! (had a little doubt because of flour.u know I hate dense texture).but all went well.thank u soooooo much:-)

  4. gsooo1 says:

    Thanks a lot:-)

  5. Allrecipes says:

    We wouldn't recommend adding extra gluten into the flour – there should be enough gluten in the all purpose flour for this recipe to work. Adding more gluten is likely to make these rolls tougher and more chewy.

  6. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question. We'd recommend that the milk is 110 – 115 degrees F. Enjoy!

  7. gsooo1 says:

    Also if i mix some gluten in the flour will it give a lighter texture & higher rise? Please let me know a.s.a.p

  8. gsooo1 says:

    What should be the temp. of milk?

  9. Amber Dean says:

    Looks delicious! What a great recipe.

  10. MattyBird10 says:

    Do u have to use a bread machine what is the difference is there a difference

  11. zhinka says:

    use a pizza cutter to make the wedges easy and accurate

  12. neurocosm says:

    good stuff, how about some flling! CHeeeeeeeeeeeSSSeeee!

  13. rvdm88 says:

    Someone stole my sweetrolls…

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