How to Make Easy No-Cook Tomato Sauce – The Easiest Way

In the summer, tomatoes are at their best, but it’s also hot out and not very fun to be stuck inside cooking them over a hot stove. Using our No-Cook Tomato Sauce Recipe, the CHOW Test Kitchen’s Lisa Lavery shows you how to make a fast, fresh dinner where the only thing you’ll need to cook is the pasta.

Want to make this? Here is the recipe! –

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50 Responses

  1. shafta99 says:

    interesting but i would substitute pasta water for doritos consomme for a southwestern kick!

  2. Amerie Ash says:

    Looks delicious!

  3. blade55440 says:

    That's actually the best way to write a recipe. Idiot proof it.

  4. ROFL I Was hoping somebody would've said that!!

  5. Not Telling says:

    Oregano is pronounced Or-E-Ga-No, not Oreg-ano

  6. adamooooo says:

    You're right, the Americans are wrong

  7. Hoz Holla says:

    Oreh GA no, Or REG a no, BA sil or BAH sil, To MA to To MAH to.


  8. This looks pretty tast actually, I'm going to give it a go!

  9. You never actually learned to write a set of instructions whilst you were at school, right?

  10. Yeah, force this junk food generation to boil water and they start complaining how confusing and hard it is :D

  11. John Smith says:

    I'm a fan of ridges and crannies.

  12. Pole says:

    Without looking who posted this, I mistook this for a HowToBasic video… Now I'm disappointed…

  13. Anp says:

    add some ______ ______ for that _____ ____!

  14. opl500 says:

    When it's summertime, it's also time for Doritos…

  15. Yes, no-cook. It is a recipe for no-cook tomato sauce, and the sauce was not cooked.

  16. hachitech says:

    Microwave and pre made sauce is more "no cook"

  17. iMilowan says:

    i like to add 1/4 of a cup of doritos consomme for that South-Western kick.

  18. d rom says:

    this actually looks really good.

  19. Doiler says:

    Thats the skinny? lol More like thats the fat (that much oilive oil and cheese)

  20. REDKILLARED says:

    Did those fresh herbs come from the freezer?

  21. So you heat up the kitchen on a hot humid day with a big pot of boiling water but, you're cooking the tomatoes so that makes it ok? And yes substitute DC for pasta water to add a southwestern kick!

  22. TheLemonLily says:

    that's a cheese sauce with tomatoes, not a tomato sauce.

  23. TheLemonLily says:

    add some doritos consomme for that southwestern kick!

  24. Shauna Wang says:

    This is awesome!

  25. Melissauce says:

    looks sooo good!

  26. Looks amazing. And so simple.

  27. In all honesty I do not think Doritos consomme would go bad with this this recipe.

  28. MrVignax says:

    Will this recipe work if I place the goat cheese closer to the sauce?

  29. Ms. Jenny Wu says:

    This generation forgot how to cook. Boiling water needs instructions..

  30. dieselboy914 says:

    WTF is the point if you're boiling the pasta anyway?! Looks delicious, though…

  31. Danzarr says:

    can we replace the pasta water with Dorito consume?

  32. xonimxo says:

    Made this for dinner
    Very delicious :)

  33. that sounds damn delicious, i think i'll give this a go really soon. thanks for the recipe. 

  34. Baby J says:

    backfire. consomme.

  35. mysterychef1 says:

    sounds and looks wonderful…I will have to give it a try

  36. Pooad1 says:

    Not really the tomato sauce I was looking for, but HELL I love tomato's in every way, shape and form!

  37. 9385dee7 says:

    Can i add Dorito Consomme for a Southern kick?

  38. Mitchel Clay says:

    This looks awesome!

  39. Snugfly says:

    I made this with ricotta and its awsome

  40. Lollo99X says:

    Jesus christ… this isn't tomato sauce!

  41. Hannah Abreu says:

    Where is the tomato sauce??? O.o

  42. Neo JW says:

    i like to add some doritos consomme to my tomato sauce for that south western kick

  43. Remember when these used to be funny. 

  44. Shannon D says:

    FEED ME, SEYMOUR!! Or whatever your name is… I didn't catch it.

  45. This is one of my favourite pasta recipes. Thanks a lot.

  46. Leyla Farro says:

    instead of goat cheese can you use ricotta cheese? 

  47. Shaylah M. says:

    I want this so freaking bad!!! Yummy!! With a salad on the side?! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!!oh yesss!!

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