Easy Quiche Recipe – How to Make Quiche

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Watch how to make a quick and delicious quiche with frozen chopped broccoli, ham, and shredded Cheddar. This cheesy quiche makes a great brunch or a simple dinner when you’re crunched for time.

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24 Responses

  1. I'm staying away from meats for medical reasons, I can still have eggs. My question is what are some veggie substitutes that you would recommend?

  2. Allrecipes says:

    Thank you for your question! Sauteed mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers and even baked potatoes are great substitutions for meat in this recipe! Enjoy 🙂

  3. NinjaRafter says:

    Hey there, thank you very much for the simple recipe, it looks delicious. Just a question though, can I use simple wheat flour instead of the biscuit baking mix?

  4. Kaniz Kazi says:

    Hi , could you pls give me the measurement for the recipe and I would like to omit beacon thanks

  5. Pity Lane says:

    Hi I just want to know if I can use anything else besides the biscuit baking mix if we don't have it here in Australia?

  6. Hi, this recipe looks easy and yummy. I was wondering if you think it would work baking in muffin tins instead of a quiche dish, to have individual quiches?

  7. hi just want to know if i can freeze what i do not use as i am the only one that eats quiche here?

  8. xiiBuzzinx says:

    What is biscuit mix??? I'm in UK and can't find it anywhere 😐

  9. Nechia Lee says:

    I really like this receipe the best ever!!!!!

  10. GxAxV says:

    Great, nice and quick. In 10 minutes you say? good =]  so…… pre heat the oven…..  -_-  well there goes 10 minutes. ok thaw out some frozen broccoli ………  wtf that takes a half hour.  Ok whats next?  Cook in the oven for 50 minutes!  Feck this im out.

  11. shiro yasha says:

    can i use burdock in quiche?

  12. so is a quiche an omelette?

  13. Cam Jacobson says:

    Cheddar AND Parmesan?

  14. Latisa J says:

    Using this for Sunday brunch! Prompt and simple concept…

  15. Andrea Ealey says:

    Can Bisquick be used?

  16. Ana Chirila says:

    so frozen broccoli is already cooked??

  17. Amanda Huynh says:

    Could I use pancake mix instead of biscuit mix

  18. life saver…using it for a women's mixer im hosting!!! thanks for sharing! #Bahamas

  19. Ann Smith says:

    I just made this for supper. It is the very first quiche I've ever made. It was delicious. My only thing was, it was still a little 'wet' when we cut it, after the 50 minutes. We put it back in the oven for a few more minutes.

  20. H F says:

    surely that's not a quiche, there's no pastry??

  21. Joel Lin says:

    I hate to make pie crust. This recipe serves me quite well. Thanks.

  22. You know you can buy frozen pastry from the supermarket right, really cheap!!! and who puts broccoli into a quiche.

  23. how many servings for this recipe?

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