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Elevate your hot dog to a haute dog with four luxe spins on this meaty Summer bite. Whether you want to amp up the indulgence with a bacon-wrapped and cheese-stuffed Swanky Franky, channel a Big Apple icon with The Real New Yorker, pack in a hefty serving of veggies with our Downward Dog, or take the classic pairing of beers and brats to the next level with a Lager Link, there’s a style you’re sure to enjoy. Watch the video to see how it’s done and then get the recipes on our website!

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6 Responses

  1. That looked good but for a real NY hotdog either go to Manhattan or look up papayas hotdog restaurant its not like a California hot dog omg they are so good better than sonoran hotdogs the ones you wrapped in beacon lol yours look so amazingly tasty though can't wait to try your version

  2. Tony Henson says:

    not hating at all but "all" of that bacon is not crispy. plenty of it is still rubbery fat, which is disgusting. I'm not a big fan of bacon wrapped anything because its near impossible to cook the bacon evenly all over.

  3. Nice, just tried a lager link.

  4. Hot Dogs to Haute Dogs

    Mustard and ketchup? Psh! We don't have time for those condiments.

    Take a look at the stylish #recipes: popsu.gr/31023908

  5. damon zippo says:

    horrible , she don't even steam the buns 

  6. Jessica Lee says:

    Yum!!! And first lol this is really unhealthy yet delish

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