Recipe for Quick and Easy Banana Pudding

This is one of my most watched videos and this Banana Pudding is one of the quickest and easiest desserts that my family loves. Who doesn’t like Banana Pudding? My bananas in the video had some brown spots and they turned that color because I have always been told to keep them in the refrigerator, but they are still good and firm and not mushy. If you keep your bananas in the fridge they stay firm and they never get mushy and you don’t have to worry about those pesky fruit flies.


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45 Responses

  1. Frank Ortiz says:

    your banana pudding is so BOMB

  2. Thank you for the recipe. I made it last night for my husband and kids. They loved it. Quick and easy. Only thing I did different was I crumbled the wafers on top. Gave a nice look. Will be making it for family get togethers. Thanks again.

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss and thanks for sharing that recipe for us prayers send your way

  4. you really ate that

  5. It's one of my favorite classic dessert.

  6. Inger Weaver says:

    bless your heart, loved your video

  7. how long does it take in the refrigerator

  8. Ghostgirl38 says:

    Ew, rotten bananas……..

  9. Im going to make this tonight for tomorrow's dinner thanks deb ?

  10. looks good I'm going to make it like this. thank you

  11. Thanks you for sharing I haven't had it with the cool whip yet. I must try making it this way.

  12. Nancy Joyce says:

    thanks, I've never made this, but my best friend's family always did. My daughter decided this week she wanted to make it while I am up here visiting, but she has never made it either & doesn't really have time, so I want to surprise her when she gets home from work with it chilled & ready to eat for dessert.

  13. Janet Perez says:

    It was delicious thank you so much?

  14. Andre says:

    What is going on with these bananas today? ??

  15. letmecsumn says:

    pinch the banana from the other end, to open easier

  16. how long dose it need to chill for??

  17. thanks to you my banana pudding came out delicious!! thank you!

  18. so it's 8:26pm running to store right now to make for husband and kids and me .lol he gets off at 10:30 hope it's chilled by then …stores around corner so I should be home be 9:00 thank you so much …..

  19. saida yusuf says:

    it is easy like you say and thanks you make it and sharing I like it

  20. Dawn Greene says:

    can i just use a spoon instead of using a hand mixer

  21. Diademglo says:

    I would never use that packaged crap, just chemicals, simple for a reason. I know you are a better cook. The hard way is healthier, it isn't just about ease.

  22. rosa garcia says:

    I will be trying this today ?

  23. xIIxRUExIIx says:

    Jackson's vanilla wafers are the ONLY cookies BP should EVER be made with. Anything else is very sub par.

  24. lulapink says:

    soy la única de Colombia por acá ? (:

  25. Regina Bass says:

    This looks soooo Yummy Im gonna have to do this…Thankyou for sharing; *)))

  26. Mike Werner says:

    thank you Debbie!

  27. I recently made this and it came out delicious. My family loved it. It's such an easy recipe to put together. Thanks Debbie ?

  28. I use condensed milk with a lil milk just to thin it out… comes out so creamier….Girl you basically do it just like I do…quick and easy!!???

  29. girl you throwed that Thanh together but good job!

  30. I am making this like now for thanksgiving

  31. ash86marie says:

    I love how you talked about your grandma

  32. thank you sooooo much!! Me and my daughter made this recipe and our family is in love We made our own whipped cream and it was fantastic!!!!

  33. chris ramoa says:

    i love eating this when im high

  34. my daughter makes this recipe and I love it just watching you make it I Soooo want ti eat it now hehe yummy!! thankyou for your recipe Aloha GOD BLESS You Chrissy

  35. Thank you for sharing this quick recipe!! God bless

  36. CreoleCutieB says:

    You sound a bit like Paula Deen! Loved this! I know how to make classic southern banana pudding, but I wanted an easier way. I'm glad I came across your video!

  37. sry to say but i have to.pls talk fast and not slow

  38. I don't like your video because you brag about it and you eat in front and say it's so easy and maybe it's easy for you but maybe not us

  39. Tiff Rou says:

    I don't like banana pudding but my husband does and he's been asking for sum thank you for the the recipe he's going to be happy tonight

  40. that's nice banana pudding it looks good well my going to follow your steps one by one into I do it like yours thank you you made that video I'm really grateful that you're showing people how to do it thanks and have a good day from Felipe Hernandez

  41. Good job love your accent

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