Kewpie Mayonnaise Recipe – Original Japanese Mayo Recipes

Video Recipe How to Make Kewpie Mayonnaise – Yummy Recipe

This video recipe teaches you how to make flavorful Kewpie Mayonnaise from home. It’ very easy to make mayonnaise and this recipe is also quite easy.
The only thing you will need to know to make this recipe is how to make Dashi Stock a type of Japanese fish stock that is a building block of most Japanese cooking, here is the video recipe for Dashi Stock: .
what does Kewpie mayo taste like? It is surprisingly different to western mayo in that it is high in Umami taste, this is what makes it go so well with foods like sushi, that’s not that surprising since sushi is also from Japan.

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Produced by Chef: Davy Devaux
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30 Responses

  1. Hmm… This Mayo is not pasteurized the way he made it. You are supposed to heat the egg yokes to pasteurize them and make it safe to eat. I don't think eating raw egg yokes is very good for you unless you want to take a chance of getting Salmanilla.

  2. Donna Mikasa says:

    Can't wait to try this recipe! Thank you!

  3. you are a god – kewpie is the best!

    I like that you mix by experience and dont care for exact measurements. If you make something enough you just know whats about right.

  4. eka dewanata says:

    you can never duplicate kewpie mayo!!!

  5. Emma Sun says:

    I followed the exact recipe but it turns out very runny, like salad dressing consistency. I used an electric egg beater, is that the cause?

  6. SaltPower says:

    You are awesome ! Great teacher….thanks a million .I look forward to years of creative cooking . Cheers !

  7. You don't know how I'd make a vegan version by any chance do you?

  8. OneSteppy says:

    What kind of mustard did you use? The color seems different from the regular mustard I see at markets.

  9. ThisSpidaDoe says:

    What's the difference between that mayo and American mayo 

  10. I tried it. It's amazing and perfect. Just ate it drizzled all over okonomiyaki. Yum :)

  11. SavageLight says:

    need a recipe for a recipe and yet again another recipe for another ingredient for this recipe..

  12. James Ihaka says:

    Legend. tastes great. Thank you

  13. MilliGandalf says:

    I'm sorry I just can't trust this guy based on his pronunciation of kewpie. Not to mention his use of mustard.

  14. I Do Design says:

    how long can you keep this? can keep under room temperature? or it must be in the fridge?

  15. oh man!
    i was looking to make this recipe for a long time… every time i made sushi i decided i should use the kewpie instead, just to be safe.
    i just made it now and it was ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL! i'm not just quite there in the matter of texture, but the flavor is unbelievebly accurate.
    awesome recipe, thank you very much!

  16. dmuze says:

    The brand name mayonnaise, Kewpie, is pronounced "Q-Pee" as in kewpie doll. I have no ideas wtf this guy said…

  17. Bean Bandit says:

    Cool recipe but the fact that you down even know your own measurements while going thru the video isn't so great.

  18. Thanks for the recipe. I cannot have mustard on my diet. Is there anything I can substitute that with?

  19. Devaux, many people say that raw eggs are sources of Salmonella (of course it's not all eggs), to be 'safer' can I use regular mayo instead of eggs and oil or do you think that the taste would be different?

  20. Amanda Saari says:

    Do you have to add the dashi stock?

  21. Eric Xu says:

    Can I microwave homemade mayo? I want to pasteurize it.

  22. Bryan Burke says:

    how many time dure de mayo in the refrigerator?

  23. Does the choice of the OIL change the taste from the real true tast of the Kewpie mayonnaise, n what make the real taste of the Kewpie mayonnaise ? Is it the Dashi stock or the mayonnaise ? I'm trying to get the real or the most closes taste of the Kewpie mayonnaise here, because i never taste it. Thanks for your help.

  24. lol i like you and your mayo

  25. Habibi AA says:

    Can you write the ingredients please!! I can't understand what you're saying. . Lemon, canola oil, eggs and I dont know the rest. .. ?? 

  26. Sam Crabtree says:

    its nothing like sky diving you moron 

  27. Hi I work as a chef in Sweden and I really like your videos! Best regards!

  28. You have an interesting accent.  What's your first language / where are you from?

  29. Frany Ag says:

    The salt you use is from Spain!, located in Mercadona supermarkets. Good video ;)

  30. Don't raw eggs make you sick?

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