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The Volcano Potato recipe is a easy and delicious side dish to add to any meal.
Use this recipe as a general outline and make your own Volcano Potato with ingredients you love to taste. Post your Volcano Potato creations on our Facebook page or website.

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39 Responses

  1. Kate Winner says:

    GREAT idea. I can't wait to try individual servings with Yukon Gold or red -skinned potatoes so each diner can have their own volcano. I'd use cubed ham in the middle though to echo the bacon on the outside. Would NEVER have thought of this; now, will never forget. Thanks.

  2. lung shen says:

    sexy food, wish i got a six pack of that volcanos with me right now. one thing though, with the glove on ur hands i couldn't shake the images of u snuck into somebody else's house to make that video, maybe murdered someone on ur way out too. funny stuff.

  3. Leon Cocco says:


  4. I am so doing this!

  5. I know that this is probably blasphemy here, but can't this also be done fairly well in an oven?
    I understand and appreciate the joys of BBQ, and this is an AWESOME recipe, but it requires a lot of time.
    Yes – I get that I'll be missing out on the smoky flavor etc.
    Has anyone tried an oven version?

  6. My mouth is watering just watching this haha. Looks delicious. 

  7. KonekoSashou says:

    tried this recipe…. amazing!!!!

  8. Most definitely going to try this

  9. BBQ EM CASA says:

    Hey budy, lok my channel today!!! i put your link on this recipe today!!

  10. Mo Ofa says:

    wow, that is so cool. i have the potatoes and the hot sauce 🙁 i think i saw a toothpick in the kitchen drawer

  11. Lori Gray says:

    I changed it just a little and used Ham instead of turkey and 3 types of cheddar cheese…..very tasty

  12. LenTex Brew says:

    It's all abooooot the BBQ, eh.

  13. STOP THIS!… You're making me fat dude!

  14. HK E says:

    That snap in the beginning was extra douchy other then that great recipe!

  15. mistacoz says:


  16. Steve H says:

    Next time pour a beer inside and let me know how it tastes. :)

  17. MizzNijna says:

    I just ate two bowls of soup and 5 cookies, but I'm hungry again, I need this so much right now.

  18. Jason Hall says:

    way easier to just throw all that on my smoked baked potato…

  19. PlacidDream says:

    Pointlessly long. First half of the video could be summed up in one sentence…Make a baked potato. Bam just saved you 4 minutes.

  20. This DOES look easy and tasty, and since you give temperature measurements, one can also do this in the oven; it just wouldn't have the smoke. :D

  21. delorme42 says:

    The only thing I'd do differently would be to use the cored potato innards and somehow layer that back in for the twice baked taste (maybe mashed or whipped or something, or maybe garlic!!!). That thing is a meal in itself. Great recipe!!!

  22. This is absolutely heaven, I'll adopt this recipe using Egyptian bacon (Basterma) as I should feed my kids this amazing dish…. Thanks for sharing…. Liked and subbed and following you now on google + to get more BBQ recipes….

  23. These look awesome. Starting to get hungry over here lol

  24. John Doro says:

    Looks killer! This is giving me some inspiration.

  25. otrwarrior says:

    I don't know if anyone else has said this, but I'd put the cheese down in the center before the turkey. When the potatoes are almost done I'd put more cheese on top so it doesn't get too brown….it'd still be smokey without the color making it look burnt. Thanks for this vid, it'll now be part of my repertoire!

  26. Shit no I should've make sure that I'm full it makes me more hungry and my mouth is crying.

  27. Singed Noxus says:

    You sound very Canadian/north USA. Not that I have a problem

  28. too many unemployed americans trying to make living on youtube lol

  29. becky wong says:

    Quick question, what do you do with the leftover from the insides? make mashed potatoes? Lol

  30. He could of even went down a little bit FURTHER with the hole so that there could be MORE food in there, ha

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