Onion & Cabbage Salad Recipe-Indian Gujarati Cooking-Every Day Special Episode-23

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Kobi and Dungadi Nu Salad or Sambharo Ni Recipe. This is quick,easy and Healthy Recipe of Fresh Cabbage Salad with interesting Gujarati Dressing.
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About This Show.
“Every Day Special” is an Indian cooking show presented by Nikunj Vasoya.In this show you will see the exclusine and secret recipes from NIKUNJ vasoya’s Scret cooking book on Indian Cuisine.
Written and Produced by: Nikunj Vasoya.
Host: Nikunj Vasoya.
Producers: Foodon TV, Mycromfilms and Nikunj Vasoya.
Music: Ivan Chew and Admiral Bob.
Title Track: Ivan Chew.

Background Music: Admiral Bob.

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7 Responses

  1. Paresh Patel says:

    Rajkot ni yad aavigai dost .all the best

  2. simi hcker says:

    yeah thats ryt quick,easy and healthy recipe….

  3. Very easy and delicious salad. Carry on bhay.

  4. Alina Salyuk says:

    Awesome check out my channel

  5. sameer khan says:

    thanks for this video

  6. Hi Nikhunj,
    aa recipe boj nice che! please do more recipes for gujrati style salads. thank you.

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