Chicken paprikosh dinner recipe. For more chicken recipes visit our playlist

Chicken paprikosh video recipe. Another great easy chicken recipe for dinner from Chaplin’s, New London CT. Chicken with a onion,white wine and cream sauce. Serve over noodles, spaetzle or potatoes. On Facebook it’s Daddy Jack’s For more chicken recipes,easy recipes for dinner and recipe ideas see our playlist.


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40 Responses

  1. My son and I (he's 15 I'm 39) LOVE to watch your videos.  We've actually taken many of your recipes and adapted them to our glass top stove (longer cooking times) and what is available at our local grocery store and farmers market.  I grew up with a mother that insisted that my brother and I know how to cook and I'm so thankful for those lessons now.  I do about 90% of the cooking for my family.  Not because I think I cook better than my wife, but simply because I enjoy it so much.  My son and I are heavily involved in Boy Scouts and as such we do a lot of camping.  We use a variety of heat sources including char-coal, wood fire and also propane burner.  I don't know if it's to late, but we would sure love to get one of your old, well used pans to place in our camp kitchen.  Knowing that the food we are eating comes from a pan with celebrity status would be pretty darned awesome.  If not, we'll still keep watching.  Only one request though……do a video or two on meals that are easy to make, don't require a lot of extra ingredients or steps and can fill a hungry campers belly after a long hike through the country side.  We want to take your kitchen outdoors with us but be able to carry everything we need for 10-20 miles before we set up camp.
    Anyway, we LOVE your channel and look forward to watching more incredible cooking in the future!!

  2. George Busby says:

    Big D-Jack!!  I adore your vids!!  Emeril has nothing on you, nothing at all. My mom taught me the very basics of how to cook back when I was ten years old and then I went into the USAF as a Food Service Spec and they taught me all the number crunching you have to do. long story short now I cook for my unoficially adopted sister and her husband here in Maryland. I would positively flip to have one of your skillets to use in the kitchen here.  My full name is "R, George Busby III"  and I would be supremely honored to carry on your tradition of making good food for the people you love and that love you. Pax.

  3. sjc5087 says:

    Hey Jack! I emailed ya a few weeks back after discovering your youtube page. Since then I've been cooking 2-3 of your dishes a week and love them! Right now I'm using All-Clad pans but would absolutely love to have one of your skillets!! Let me know what I need to do. Thanks! 

  4. jack is the best, cool looking  CHIEF

  5. fork to the left,,,.knife to the right ,

  6. is it too late for the pan mr. chaplin?

  7. dascooker says:

    love cookin on high heat and cookin fast too! Aweseome Pan! Well seasoned and tempered.  

  8. Chef I dont know if I ever will be able to visit CT in my lifetime. but if I do I'm coming to visit!

  9. I love your cooking. I wish i could cook with for a while. I am chef out in hawaii. I have respect for you!!!

  10. Shaun Batts says:

    I'll take one of your pans. Hell you don't even have to clean it up. I will take it as is. I'm coming to new London to visit some old submarine buddies. I plan to make a stop at 165 Bank St. 

  11. Daddy Jack! How can you make Paprikash without Paprika??

  12. Tom Marsh says:

    DID I WIN  DID I WIN?????????????>>LOL
    who did win?

  13. J25x says:

    Dat Chaplin's frypan.  I want to cook like Chef Jack.

  14. Kilgore482 says:

    I've watched EVERY SINGLE ONE of your videos, cooked from about half of them, and sure would love one of your pans to commemorate my education from Jack.

  15. Peree Fance says:

    Is that a magic pan ? I would pay $10,000 if it makes my food taste half as good as yours looks.

  16. Tom Marsh says:

    ive been doing a little internet shopping for those pans jack, but im not sure what the namebrand is. if anyone here knows the brand name please let me know. with that being said, id freak for  that seasoned pan your using here 🙂 great fun watching your vids bud. have a great 4th of july>>>>TOM….

  17. winddmmy says:

    daddy jack another great one!i will have to make it one of these days i will get over to your place your not that far from stratford just have to wait until  the child support is done next year and i have a little money i would love to have one of your pans i would put it to good use but i'm sure someone out there needs it more then me so you find them and i will just keep enjoying your videos.

  18. kevinp860 says:

    Congrats on almost a million hits!!!!!….im a local cter….look forward to your vids everyday..i thank you and bob for the effort you do for the vids……Gonna try this dish this weekend……….looks great.:)…..would love the pan:)

  19. Imran Ross says:

    Great cooking man…Love the way this man cooks. I am taking all my lessons from you. Thanks so much Jack!!

  20. Dallas says:

    Your videos give me and obviously others a lot of happiness. You keep rocking and rolling Daddy Jack. And I would love to feed my loved ones with a piece of history like that pan. Keep me in mind. Thanks!

  21. GATO0421 says:

    dude…it looks like u know what u are doing….my question is why do you always burn the chicken and the pork??? control the heat in the stove
    other then that i think u are great

  22. stangization says:

    Jack let me start by telling you how my wife and I love your videos. We have cooked many of your recipes. I was just telling her last week about these pans and were I  could find one, and now you want to give one of your seasoned pans away. I would be honored to put this in my kitchen and try to put as many miles on it as you have.
    Thanks for the great tutorials. Keep em' coming!


  23. jeff sim says:

    I really want that frying pan if I win the pan can you make it in writing best wishes from  Daddy Jacks cooking with the Blues 165 bank st. new London CT.

  24. Would love to have that fry Pan DaddyJack. Love all your videos. Dave in New Milford. Peace 

  25. can't wait to try this. would love to recreate this on my stove in that pan. You have really taught me it's all about the technique. Thank you for helping me to become a better cook.

  26. What can I use if I don't want to use wine ??

  27. kgminc says:

    Nice pan, good man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hey Jack,
    I'm a big fan of yours from Minnesota! I just graduated from culinary school and I would be honored to have one of your pans. I've been watching your videos for awhile now and I share the same passion for cooking as you do! Simply put, I just want to make people happy with the dishes that I create! My dream is to open a restaurant one day and when I do, your pan will hopefully be on the wall in my dinning room. My family and I enjoy your simple and tasty recipes, after all, you don't need a silver fork to eat good food! You will continue to inspire me regardless if I receive the pan or not. However it would mean a great deal! Thanks!

  29. Oh how fun! I would love to win a magic pan!!! This Chicken Paprikosh recipe looks delish!

  30. I so want this pan. It would be the only pan I use 

  31. jeffxl12 says:

    man I wouldn't know what I would do if I won it. I have an electric stove. I would just give it to someone else. 

  32. Al T. says:

    Good stuff.  Holler if I win that pan.  :)

  33. Would love your first pan-give away! From Michigan, coming to visit your restaurant this August as we have friends in the area. Big fan!

  34. I'll take the Grunginator!  My stuff still won't come out as good as yours, though…

  35. kwk1 says:

    Quick and tasty! Just curious, what exactly is blackened seasoning? Thanks!

  36. Great stuff again Jack, love how you get people to try the food, keep them vids coming brother :)

  37. Another great recipe. Thanks chef. I'm in for the pan!  :)

  38. Guillotex says:

    Very nice stuff man. Good people = Good Food ;)

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