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33 Responses

  1. "I don't know what the fuck this is, it's just something sweet for the fucking kids" lmfao love her

  2. startrek says:

    I think u need a deep fryer Auntie  :)

  3. Dyllon Blake says:

    put that with sum syrup

  4. Not sure of your name but fell in love with your wisdom in the kitchen and I see you got a good heart. Hang in there. Stay with God. Be am OG
    But change the definition to Of God. Woman of God

  5. hofemi23 says:

    Fell in love with Auntie Fee the first time I saw her. So,… The chicken is in the oven and I just made a couple something for the kids, but put an Oreo in them. :)

  6. Girlpower323 says:

    has anyone tried to make this?? I wanna know their opinion on how it taste!

  7. osky2558 says:

    Is she for real? 

  8. Andres Perez says:

    Lmaoooo that's that prison food !

  9. I love her so much

  10. leeannmariew says:

    This woman about to blow up!!!! Hilarious.. And really good recipes!!! 

  11. BigZman95 says:

    If she had her own show I would DVR it and never miss an episode.

  12. crackers love a good cooning negro boy I tell ya…

  13. So funny!!! I love your videos Anutie Fee 

  14. wait a minute are thoes normal pilsburry dough things or what.that stuff looks great i want to try it

  15. shes cool as hell.its so nice to see that someone cares about the kids.wish i had a mom like shit would be straight for sure


  17. pankfull12 says:

    Prison food!!! Lol

  18. Wadspo says:

    "prison food" haha

  19. cheetahbug5 says:

    my new favorite cook!!!!!! Lol, I love this lady!!!

  20. In Mexico we call them empanadas :)

  21. The Watcher says:

    I wouldn't eat anything that lady cooked.

  22. if you dont have any crescent rolls, you can use some cheap ass donuts or something

  23. omg why is this auntie So angry geee

  24. Jaiquan says:

    So when they ask for it, what they gon say? "Can we have some of those something for the kids" LMFAO

  25. I just realized she was in the new barbershop

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