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HI to all the mommies and Dad’s out there! I decided to do a video about what my toddlers like to eat. I do have really picky eaters and they are not a lot into veggies… but hey I try to offer it to them. These meals are what works best for them right now and I hope its a little helpful to someone out there. Thanks for WATCHING!!

Hello, Im a stay at home mom! Mommy to 2 beautiful little girls.Ive been married for 5 years to my husband Ivan. We decided to start our channel and make as many memories as we can for our children and ourselves, but also to share with everyone our joy of life as a family. We believe in God,Love and Happiness. We hope to make you smile,laugh, and feel content with our family memories.God Bless YOU!!

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3 Responses

  1. No ledas como comida mexicana? like rice beans something like that. M gusto tu video 🙂 

  2. What great meals ideas for kids :)

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