Easy & Healthy QUICK Breakfast, Lunch, + Dinner Ideas ♡

Hello lovebug, So my food videos are back. I missed them too. Expect 1 more this month too. So in today’s video, I show you some of my favorite healthy meals to make and how to make them. If you can tell by the video, each meal doesn’t take too long to make, which is perfect because I’m always on the go espically in Fall. I’m an SRA, Social Media For A Executive Board, Full time college student, Beauty Intern, and a Full time Youtuber. My next video is on Saturday not Sunday. It’s a great collab so we had to flex with the dates! Please Like this video!

P.S This is just to give you some of my favorite food ideas and i show you how to make healthier choices. I am not a nutrionist although I do study it and I have family who does also, so i receive advices in all forms.

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Breakfast- Avocado Egg
Lunch: Healthy Avocado Pita
Dinner: Southwestern Salad
-Sunflower seeds
-salad mix
-Sunflower Seeds & Cranberries
-feta cheese

Camera: Nikon d5100
Editing: Corel Pro Video Studio


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30 Responses

  1. always very pretty 

  2. Joanna996 says:

    Love this kind of videos, great as always. 

  3. SequoiaKnows says:

    I loved this video! I'm a college student without any sort of meal plan so I have to cook for myself and I feel like I'm running out of ideas, so thank you!!! 

  4. Amazing❤️? love you so much?

  5. miss breezy says:


  6. Marisa Lynn says:

    I loved these healthy food ideas girl, I've been needing some healthy food ideas! Btw you're stunning ?❤️

  7. Natasha Rose says:

    Those lashes! <3 <3 

  8. CG1111 says:

    They look soo goodd. Definitely gonna try it when I get avocados! 

  9. seygra20 says:

    Good video, very doable meals but can you list or annotate the stuff in the dinner salad plz thanks!

  10. I like the breakfast food I will try

  11. Thank you guys so much for all the nice comments!! I'm so watching scandal tonight!!

  12. EC DC says:

    Breakfast and lunch looked so good lol but I think i'd still be hungry after that dinner.

  13. Makeup tutorial on that look please

  14. OH! Thank youuuu) ^^

  15. you heard says:

    this so so great omggg thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i been getting fit and at a loss as to what to eat but these are some great ideas and i feel like theyre really simple and do-able

  16. NEW VIDEO EVERYONE!! Happy Friday!!

  17. Ello doll! I enjoyed the video! I am a veggie girl so A+ for the veggies and colorful array! I also replied to your message! Pumped +Rose Kimberly 

  18. Yummy yummy yummy. That breakfast???. Come feed me for a week and I'll loose some weight. Now I c hour secret. Wink wink. You log great and fab. Xx

  19. I started watching this whilst eating a chocolate cookie.. Safe to say I stopped when I realised how bad I was eating haha. Thanks for sharing your tips girl! xx 

  20. Loveeeeee! Doing these I love cooking. You're so freaking cute love it

  21. Great video Kimberly, you gave me some ideas for my next lunch and dinner recipes.  I noticed you love your Avocados!!!

  22. ….yummmmm love your concoctions 🙂 

  23. 5awochi says:

    Your makeup here looks flaaaaawwlesss loved it !

  24. love the quick and healthy tips rose 

  25. MsAvalon25 says:

    Yummy! Everything looks delicious!
    Sidebar- does your mom call avocados pears like my mom does…#sowestindian lol!
    Great video love! 

  26. Yum One says:


  27. at first i thought a whole avocado would be too much fat for a day, but then i read the word "healthy" in the video title, so i was like "okay!"

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