No Knead Crusty Rolls – Easier Than You Think!

TV host Jenny Jones shows how to make easy crusty rolls with no kneading and almost no work. Want no knead bread but don’t have a Dutch oven? Make these easy rolls. FULL RECIPE:



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48 Responses


  2. Thought you looked familiar hello

  3. Macnutz420 says:

    I watched this, the first time, six months ago. Since then, I have made these and several other breads. We no longer buy any kind of bread. Now my writing room is full of bags of flour.

  4. A wonderful recipe. Have made it 3 times. Divided it in 5 pcs and used as hamburger rolls. I put a pan of hot water in the oven to make steam and they are super crusty. To solve the messy dough problem I use a baking sheet and put about 1/2 cup of flour on it. No mess. Keep your hands dry and floury.

  5. What about self rising flour? Would I omit the yeast?

  6. Silly Putty says:

    I love your teeth😆

  7. I like your big smile

  8. Where can I  buy a big wood piece like you have to roll out dough on etc.?

  9. Your videos are so much fun! Keep it up!

  10. Haha the ending was hilarious

  11. Hi Jenny. Do u make any gluten free goodies?

  12. great i will try it. thanks

  13. Litza Bruno says:

    Can I use rising flour ? Is the only flour I have

  14. Dan Roy says:

    😂😂 I really enjoy your show & the fun, learn stuff too, keep up the good show!!👍👍

  15. Hello Jenny! You are so funny and talented. I love your cooking/baking channel that I subscribed since last year. However, I'm been following you since you had your talk show, loved it. But I find you more relax and happy now than then. Thanks for sharing this more personal part of you!

  16. Faith Drake says:

    Love your recipes

  17. Tish Smiddy says:

    Thank you for sharing your way !!! I'm trying the rolls ,

  18. sleeves in the kitchen.

  19. Pit Wilde says:

    Hi Jenny thanks u

  20. XL says:

    you make it look easy…

  21. LOL, you have a wonderful smile, Jenny!

  22. I love watching you Jenny. Your easy, relaxed delivery along with those great recipes makes for wonderful videos. Thank you.

  23. Ilse Hoffman says:

    i made my first ones now i wait do see how the come out. the going in the oven now .saved the recipe

  24. Great video…thanks for posting!!

  25. sjagain says:

    450 degree oven (thermometer), and after 25 minutes the rolls came out nicely brown and crispy, but the inside was semi-doughy. Any longer in the oven and the outside would be inedible. Advice?

  26. I am English and get confused about cups as measurement

  27. Is the oven fanassisted or conventional?

  28. Bina Kalaria says:

    Roll came out great looking. Made then around 4:30 and had it at dinner around 7pm. The crust was hard and chewy how can I avoid this.

  29. Samoatupo says:

    I grew up watching your show and now I’m watching you cook. Great to see your still looking great and you throw down in the kitchen. Love it

  30. Nena897 says:

    I made these last night for my family and they were delicious. Thank you so much for sharing. Baking them again tonight dough is rising at home. 🙂

  31. Donna 98 says:

    We're told we shouldn't use hot tap water for cooking.

  32. Loved your video, you explained everything well and have to say you are a great watch thank you x

  33. Ellen Imrie says:

    Hi Jenny, I love watching your videos and to try them out. This video made me smile along especially when I saw your BIG smile😋
    Enjoy 🤗

  34. IVAN HORVAT says:

    LOVE YOUR recapies !!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! P. S. Burgers off the B B Q fresh buns from the oven & B L T ETC…… 😋 🍷 or 🍻

  35. Its really replacing kneading with self rising…i enjoy the kneading very therapuetic.

  36. Tina Chavez says:

    OMG!!! Your site is by far the BEST on You Tube!!! Thanks Jenny

  37. I love your breads love am all thanks so much hugs maria

  38. trholzberger says:

    I followed your instructions to a T, they did not turn out like yours at all. Are you sure it’s 1/4 tsp of yeast?and was it more or less water as my dough was still very dry after mixing.

  39. Oh my God! I kept on saying "where do I know this woman from" perhaps a friend of a friend or is she colleague from high school? Where do I know her from!? Then BANG it hit me! It's JENNY!! So good to see you! You look awesome! Looking forward to following and watching you here on YouTube. All my best to you.

  40. Hi Jenny I am a grandma that love cooking and create new recipes – have you made a book? Where to get the written recipes? Some time I am not so fast to download- MARINA

  41. Hi Jenny the buns look awesome . Do u have the measurements in grams

  42. Lim Gey Leng says:

    WOW delicious! Will try making soon. Thank you Jenny!

  43. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Girl you crack me up

  44. Gary Finger says:

    Jenny, why not cut the dough into 4 when you are making your beef stew. Cut top off and empty insides and serve beef stew in crusty buns. I plan that for the weekend.

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