EASY Healthy VEGAN Soup Recipe

This is one of our favorite soups! 🙂 It’s inspired by Chef Jeff Novick, the famous dietitian who taught us how to cook this way. To learn about Jeff, visit his website http://www.JeffNovick.com Make sure to LIKE this video! Love you!

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41 Responses

  1. EVERYTHING'S better the next day! lol Left overs are the best!

  2. Kristen Kent says:

    its really helpful to see you both make food and say what to do and what to put in, cause I'm a new-b and I don't know how to make vegan food taste good to save my life.. I would love to see lots of dinner recipes. btw I'm a little confused about oatmeal and grains in general. I saw Markus rothkranz on youtube say that grains and starches are bad for you cause its like glue in your body… I'm just so confused I feel like I can't eat anything..

  3. watching ur playlist of what i eat in a day and I LOVE YOU GIRLS! ps ur hair is so pretty

  4. It needs some salt!

  5. is cooking my potatoes in the microwave any different from the oven

  6. I tried making it and it was the best soup ever

  7. Also make smores and cookies and do more challenges ?

  8. Anne Dizon says:

    Did anyone try this? How was it?

  9. So where do vegans get there calcium from?

  10. knallfroosch says:

    I really need to make this at some point… +NinaAndRanda do you think that rice would fit in there too? ^^

  11. Sweet potato soup is my absolute favorite.
    Plus, it has anti-cancerous properties! :-)

  12. FreeThinker says:

    you are very cute 🙂 both

  13. Hey i was wondering why you dont use even vegtable oil? 🙂 im new to veganism and still checking it out, you guys make it look so easy and you're nice about it unlike some youtubers haha

  14. ImNotTori says:

    I love your videos.. Never stop making them 

  15. Sofia Harty says:

    just tried this recapie out. It taste sososo good and was so easy! Love you girls!

  16. chloe555 says:

    You guys have inspired me to become a vegetarian. (Not vegan yet) after I have been a vegetarian for I while I am going to try to become vegan

  17. is there possible no garlic ? thank you !

  18. sloan fisher says:

    When's the last time you've had an unhealthy food

  19. Regina P says:

    This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  20. More recipes PLEASE!!!

  21. Vegan Growth says:

    Okay, I'm confused. I've never heard of nutritional yeast until I went vegan. What is it, what does it do to food? 

  22. Vegan Growth says:

    Wintertime in Hawaii? Try Chicago lol

  23. more vegan recipes!! love them

  24. In love with your hair for the video!

  25. Sherismiley says:

    I enjoy your videos soo much! I am a mom and have a college aged daughter who struggles with acne. I showed her your acne video. She was amazed at your skin transformation! All your videos are just awesome! This soup looks sooo good! Gonna try it today! Please post more videos of using your Instantpot too! Have a blessed day girls!!!! <3

  26. maxyrow says:

    please do some more dinner and lunch recipes i love this soup looks amazing !

  27. kate says:

    I'm making this tonight :)! Yumm

  28. gwen6566 says:

    I just made this and it's so yummy!

  29. Mmmm. I wanna eat that. Thanks for the inspiration for soup! Maybe you guys can make a good Kale and bean soup next? =D

  30. emma Woods says:

    Are you fraternal twins? Cause there's a clear difference 

  31. veggielove84 says:

    Mmmm yes I really think we will have this soup soon xx

  32. ok, since I've been vegan for a while (I'm almost 18, i went vegetarian when i was 15, vegan when i was 16) I've been really interested in High Carb. so I'm sitting here bored out of my mind, so i type in "vegan" in the search bar and found your videos and I have been watching sooooo many of them!! your recipes look delicious and you guys are really swaying me into trying a High Carb low fat diet. The only thing is, I have to gain about 15 pounds and my dr and parents have really been on me to get a lot of fat in from nuts and avocados and things like that, but it makes me feel groggy and bloated, you know? would this diet help to even out my weight? i've always eaten verrrry healthy and organic my whole life, but since I went through an eating disorder (i was diagnosed with anorexia/orthorexia about a year ago, they said i was "addicted" to eating healthy rolls eyes) it kind of screws a lot up haha. and being addicted to exercise and fitness isn't helping my situation either!! I'm into the same things you guys are which is hilarious, and again I'm so happy i found your channel! if you guys can't answer my questions i totally get it its a lot ;D

  33. norma75 says:

    Don't really have time to cook potatoes that long which is why I love my slow cooker. Just leave it while I am at work then ready when I get home :)

  34. Sky Torres says:

    Thank you guys! This was awesome! <3

  35. Is pasta not allowed? 

  36. Yuzu _ says:

    Im bothered for some reason about this but who manages the channel? Is it Nina, Randa or both? If both do one of you manage it mostly, idk why but every time i see you respond to a comment im always wondering who it is xD :)))

  37. Anne Barnes says:

    love your bowls! soup looked delicious 🙂 We just had veggie soup tonight, never thought of putting nutritional yeast in it, great idea!

  38. Bri's World says:

    is nutritional yeast good for you? I eat it, but i am unaware of the health benefits it has? :)

  39. Darly Ngwe says:

    Do you guys eat coconut oil sometimes? I know you're low fat vegans but coconut oil is a good fat, right?

  40. Ron Finlay says:

    Awesome ladies.  Great presentation. 

  41. Hey what kind of cooker is in the background? I see you guys have a lot of them. Is it an aroma??

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