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  1. Doha Hafeez says:

    Looking very tasty and yammy love it ????

  2. super awesome though when i think of it 100g wallnuts has 654 cal, 65g fat and 14g carbs, while white flour 100g has 360 cal 1g fat 76g carbs and i still think your recepee will have more calories than a normal cake just less carbs more fat. And yea carbs are more fattening than fats so your choice people, just wanna open some eyes so we all can be healthier :D

  3. Noor Arman says:

    About how many calories are in a serving. If someone could answer that would be great ? plus, i love this recipe, thank you for sharing with us ?

  4. Jasmine Lo says:

    Can i use almond?

  5. Hav Cb says:

    I do t have as much nuts as you would need to make it. Is there something else I could use?

  6. By the amount of walnuts this must be very high in calories and oils.

  7. Annie Chan says:

    Can I use oats instead of nuts?

  8. Is there a substitution for eggs in this recipe?

  9. Shreya says:

    what can I use instead of egg?

  10. There are 1635 calories in 250 grams of Walnuts.Calorie breakdown: 84% fat, 8% carbs, 9% protein.

  11. superrrr awesome.
    thanks for sharing. .
    I will definitely try…

  12. superrrr awesome.
    thanks for sharing. .
    I will definitely try…

  13. superrrr awesome.
    thanks for sharing. .
    I will definitely try…

  14. Boo Whoo says:

    What is the music playing in the background?

  15. For how many people is this cake? pls.

  16. omg wonderful! had been searching for no butter/no sugar(using honey at best) cake recipe !? and this is even more fabulous -No flour! lovely! .. this is going to be my 1st attempt to bake a cake ☺.. however I saw it stated 250ml of could any of u kindly advise me 250ml , isit by jug measuring(for liquid) measurement ? pardon me I am confuse I still tot it's 200 grams until I read that it's 250ml walnut.. would be grateful any of u could tell me plss. thank u

  17. Darin Ihsan says:

    that was cool, but it should be tasty ?

  18. could anyone tell me how much gram is 250ml of walnut and 250ml of berries plsss … -_-

  19. Sarah S says:

    I made this cake for my sister for her birthday. She isn't eating sugar or white flour. It turned out pretty well. I skipped the maple syrup and instead, after cutting a slice of cake to serve, drizzled honey on top. She loved it!

  20. i've also try this and it tastes very ugly sry aber für meine Verhältnisse ist die Idee an sich SEHR GUT aber mit den Zutaten könnte man halt noch was machen, denn des schmeckt einfach nicht ich musste des grad wegwerfen so eklig wie des war ich hoffe du kannst mal so ein Video machen mit nem leckeren Rezept aber trotzdem ist die Idee mega gut 😀 <3

  21. HA Fsa says:

    WoooooW very testy , thank you????

  22. im going to try make cake

  23. Marobobb says:

    omg thank youuu so much

  24. For those people that have put down Te calories and carbs and shit

    If you know your nutrition then you would know that you need to hit you daily fats everyday

    And replacing them with good fats such as nuts is much better for you then the fat in the flower

    As good fats are good for your body and joints and bad fats are well just bad

    So please do your research before commenting lol

  25. This looks so good! I'm suprise that you only need few ingredients to make this.

  26. Omg! how Delicious that looks,Wow…

  27. for fruit can it be any like bannas pinapple and mangoes.. what about shreddd carrots?

  28. Joanne Lee says:

    Hi! I am so glad that I found this recipe that I can trust because I've eating disorder, I'll use oats to blend into flour and see how it's goes. Thank youuu so much! Other videos from others, see how many sugar and butter, make me crazy.

  29. owww I'm going to try this ?

  30. I am DeFinETLy mAkiNG ThIS ??

  31. egg yolk = cholesterol = unhealthy = death :P

  32. You should use oil instead of eggs. Eggs are really unhealthy and so much cruelty is involved. You should look into veganism its amazing!

  33. Abinor Mac says:

    Thank you.
    This is good with natural sugars like coconut Stevia essences

  34. Excellent! And so easy!!!!!!! :)

  35. Omg thank u so much on my birthday i didnt eat a cake because i am on an extreme diet thanks !

  36. stefanos2691 says:

    If I can replace the eggs with a Vegan alternative, it'll be the greatest cake on Earth!

  37. Dny Fabz says:

    ohh i get it, like almond flour! Fonuts, like their donuts
    was ur cake soft and moist?

  38. Jiji Divas says:

    omg thank you sooooooooo much

  39. Mood by S says:

    Hi Guys, I just started my new channel, please check out my first new video and let me know what you think? thank youu

  40. it looks soooo good actually then im like.. is that even a cake? it's more like fruity omelette.. o.O

  41. Can we replace the nuts with oatmeal

  42. wow, this is completely awesome and delicious, I've never seen that before, thank you ?

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