Overnight Oats – Breakfast

My quick and simple breakfast recipe for overnight oats! They are good for you and so delicious, perfect for the person who doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning or someone who gets hungry after they have already left the house. Give them a try and make them your own!!


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  6. Overnight oats are my breakfast everyday now! I love your healthy recipes and your workouts <3 I'm already getting results especially in the booty ;D Post more on your channel!

  7. Mason Pikey says:

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  8. Nice recipes, but isn't the apples gonna turn really brown and stuff over night? Isn't it better to add them in the morning maybe?

  9. Made them this morning! Delicious!?

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  15. Yassir N says:

    Can this be heated before consumption? I like my outs warm

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