Chicken Cheese Balls | Chicken and Cheese Shots | Easy Evening Snack Recipe | Simple Recipe

Chicken and cheese shots are a very famous frozen food Item which is liked by a lot of people and the fact is chicken momos or chicken dumplings have the same chicken involved in them the only difference is oyster sauce but still this recipe like the chilli chicken – restaurant stay recipe and my other recipe have some tips to make the chicken more juicy and tender….

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29 Responses

  1. Is the recipe written down somewhere? I can't hear it since there's something wrong with my laptop…..

  2. +bharatzkitchen
    1. Can i use butter to replace the fat?
    2. Can I use cheddar cheese instead?

  3. Mm mm why must I make myself so hungry? this looks soo good ?

  4. 93fama says:

    i made this yesterday. it was not good. only chicken the cheese disappeared. and the chicken was tasteless.

  5. thank you very match :-D

  6. yesterday i made this delecious recipe . it is amazing 🙂 . thank you vety mach

  7. zaina shaikh says:

    I will definitely try this

  8. GW McCauley says:

    This look so good. I am going to try this very soon. Thank You so much for posting this amazing recipe and instructions to make it. I look forward to watching more of Your food creations. I noticed 150 people gave You a thumbs down I will never understand why they did that. You have a thumbs up from me. My thanks again for sharing this awesome video.

  9. Sadhan Basu says:

    This is awesome! I hope I can succeed in doing this.

  10. Ahmed Irfan says:

    wow. ….super recipe
    love it

  11. hey bharat,nice recipe.
    can u try post seekh kebab recipe too?

  12. syed rasheed says:

    can we take implace of nacko chips the Doritos
    because I don't found it

  13. Rashk bz says:

    thank you.. nice presentation and yummy recip.. loved it.. i wanna try all your recipes.. thank u for sharing

  14. Fatima Rana says:

    O man,I'm from pakistan and now I guess I'm the biggest fan of yours 🙂
    the way you told the whole recipe Wallah its Amazing Like seriously ThumbsUp ?Man
    its 2:19AM in Pak Actually I was feeling so hungry but now I guess my appetite has gone down :p Hah

  15. Brody Masse says:

    he chopped his chicken. hehe

  16. can I use chickenince

  17. rayyan 2010 says:

    very hygeine …well done chef …

  18. Asma Jabeen says:

    everystep is perfect but why does the chicken looks raw from inside… any suggestion?

  19. These would be good in a sandwich too.

  20. Kobir Abedin says:

    awesome recipe I won't boy it anymore….thx for saving my money lol…
    and hey it looks like wontons when putting the cheese in the chicken ryt????

  21. Imran Khan says:

    seems to be great!!!!

  22. Can I use honey instead of baking soda it's good for tenderize the chicken too

  23. Ayub Khatri says:

    wow Bharatz kitchen what a recipe love it ☺☺?

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