Dhaba Style | Easy To Make Dhaba Special Indian Recipes

Dhaba Style | Easy To Make Dhaba Special Indian Recipes

If you are amongst those who are looking to escape the busy city for a few hours and enjoy the simple, unpretentious and wholesome food served at Indian dhabas, here we are with a collection of Dhaba special recipes. Check out our collection and enjoy the taste of Indian dhabas at home.

Menu: (For ingredients, click on the link)

Dal Makhani – 00:20 ( http://goo.gl/zhrdsd )
Palak Paneer – 04:31 ( http://goo.gl/TMbGp4 )
Sarson Ka Saag – 07:50 ( http://goo.gl/4m4kzK )
Makki Ki Roti – 11:33 ( http://goo.gl/cD9xS3 )
Lachha Paratha – 14:48 ( http://goo.gl/tpRiTU )
Lassi – 17:57 ( http://goo.gl/QGUfzZ )
Aloo Paratha – 21:55 ( http://goo.gl/Z3078b )

Editing: Dinesh Shetty
Creative Head: Kavya Krishnaswamy
Producer: Rajjat A. Barjatya
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19 Responses

  1. KaBhi18 says:

    Punjabi food is sooooo good

  2. Naziya Khan says:

    all resipy nice and dilisios

  3. Did you add makki ka atta ?

  4. Ayesha Medha says:

    can you make pizza without yest?

  5. It's so authentic and ruchi's explanations are so precise.. Whenever a doubt rises for me, her next line will be the solution.. It's that clear.. Continue the good word.. Also plz show recipe for cheese cake"..

  6. how to make dt green paste

  7. nice recipes ever u made.TASTE

  8. Zoya Khan says:

    keep it up ruchi.. I really like ur recipesssss…

  9. smartvidya says:

    Hi Ruchi…I made palak paneer as per ur recipe and it was amazing.. my husband loved it … he said this is best dish I have made since marriage.. haha..thanks a lottt .. keep smiling :)

  10. hi you are truly an amazing cook and the way u explain and show the passion for your meals are just graceful  thanks to you iv started cooking I'm 29 n married and everything iv made for friends and family love it 
    thank you very much for keeping it so real simple and vary tasty u are top !!!

  11. Trick to prepare aloo paratha is good. Thanks for sharing. 

  12. nasima barad says:

    Ruchi u are great your recipes are so easy to follow thank you so much 

  13. awesome. thank you.

  14. jasmin ali says:

    very very  nice

  15. anieekhalid2 says:

    I like your recipes cause you use healthy ingredients like you made lacha paratha with wheat flour instead of white flour.

  16. Diandra Dsa says:

    Awesome recipes. Can make all at home. Thanks for sharing

  17. saloni Shah says:

    I simply love your recipes! could you please make a tutorial on how to make caramel cheesecake? thank you !

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