Family Dinner Ideas : April 27- May 1, 2015

Our family dinners for the week and how I prepared them.

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26 Responses

  1. lucianayuy01 says:

    To seperate beef you can use two forks and "smash" it like if they were beans…meat comes better seperated

  2. Nylyn says:

    That great start to my Monday. I had a good laugh at your new BFFs. I wish my brain had as much knowledge about food as yours! Your meals always look soo good!!

  3. Becky D says:

    Everything always looks so wonderful!! You were cracking me up with the knife, hehe :). Don't you just love that Kerrygold butter?! They sell that butter at our Costco and it adds up to be like you are getting a pound free if you were to buy it at the regular store. Hope you all are well and can't wait for the next video!

  4. These have got to be one of my fav video i wait all week for it 🙂

  5. LeighsHome05 says:

    Awesome!  I put butter and seasoning under the skin of my chicken (and turkey for Thanksgiving) and it is AMAZING!  Love your ideas!

  6. Kerry Scott says:

    In just love your videos and watching you cook!

  7. MomToMy8 says:

    I buy those big bags of veggies too.  I buy the blend you have as well as the mixed veg and broccoli.  I like the price and the quality.

  8. RemixMC3 says:

    Yummy!!! Those tacos looked delicious !

  9. love it,enjoyed it my favorite videos

  10. When everyone dreads Monday's .. I can't wait just to see your weekly menu ??thank for all you do it much appreciated.. You need to set up a po box so we as viewers can send gifts as appreciation.. Thank you from San Antonio Texas ?

  11. scrubies1 says:

    You have two kids, 19 and 5? Are either picky eaters?

  12. We're do I found the complete seasoning recipe.

  13. Blanca Soto says:

    With that blend of vegetables I like to make stir fry, pasta primavera, vegetables, soup, pork chops a la jardinera, and my favorite roasted potato stuff with vegetables and cream cheese.

  14. Thank-you so much for taking time to explain step by step things, plus showing us. I am not a good cook so this really helps. Thanks so much!!! ?

  15. what kind of potaoes did u use

  16. W. Leo says:

    I tried the fries! Thank you my family loves them, I will try and do regularly for my weekly meal prep! Keep the videos coming, I really enjoy the different ideas!

  17. Thank You. I found them.

  18. L GIbson says:

    Funny, funny, funny about the knife.  That's something I would do!  Love your videos and the way you go step by step.  Thanks for taking the time to upload these.

  19. i love when you have your moments like baking a knife.
    but i feel like you are hard on yourself for it. Maybe your not, i mean i hope your not hard on yourself. We are all human, it has happened to ALL of us. When we realized what he have to it's hilarious!!

    Keep it up Momma ! Your Awesome !


  20. Thank you it was interesting,l'ven't seen the items in Scotland,wish l did it make me hunger

  21. Amberuzor says:

    New subbie. You have the best vids so many tips. I had to get a pen and paper to take notes. I died when that knife went back in the oven hilarious

  22. I love the bird's eye blends!!! I buy the Normandy Blend. Which is the California Blend but also has zucchini and yellow summer squash!!! So yum! I love your videos!!!

  23. New sub here, the knife with the chicken cracked me up!

  24. You seem to be a very good cook.

  25. I freaking love BBQ pulled pork sandwhiches they are amazing

  26. But the lard makes them so good! Lol. I only use them maybe twice a year so I allow myself the indulgence hehe. We use them instead of meat for veggie tacos once in a great while

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