4 DETOX WATER Recipes & Benefits

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Hey guys!

Summer is just around the corner and the temperature is going up! The hotter it is, the easier we can dehydrate and we definitely want to avoid that! BUT, regardless of the temperature outside, we always need to stay hydrated and drink lots of water! I always start my morning with a glass of lime water (I shared that with you in my morning routine) and I drink tons of water all day long. But, of course, water can get boring sometimes and we begin to crave some more flavor. So today I’m sharing my top 4 detox/flavored water recipes to boost the taste of water while adding amazing health benefits!

1. Apple Cinnamon Water
2. Cucumber, Lime, Strawberry, Mint Water
3. Raspberry Lemon Water
4. Strawberry Watermelon Water

These will not only hydrate you, but they will also cleanse your body, get rid of toxins, increase your metabolism, and even help you slim belly fat naturally! Watch the video to learn about all the amazing benefits each ingredient has! Try them out and let me know which one is your favorite!



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21 Responses

  1. Yeen Trâm says:

    Can we eat the fruits after using?

  2. The Sketzter says:

    What if you don't have cinnamon sticks, could one use cinnamon powder as a substitute

  3. do you have to add mint?

  4. can i juice up the mint leaves and ginger and add its juice in the water for flavouring instead of just adding whole leaves?

  5. seungkyuhae says:

    Hey there~ I'm interested to try out all 4 detox water but
    1. do you drink all 4 in one day (or lets say within 24 hours) and make a new one after that?
    2. do i have to drink each of them separately until it finish then continue with the other? like a rotation. or can I just randomly drink all 4 without following the order..? just a bit paranoid of side effect. haha
    looking forward for your reply. ^^

  6. Brina Walker says:

    Okay I love this I can't wair to try the apple and cinnmom sticks for my belly

  7. 4DaLuvOf Blu says:

    Can I make these without mint

  8. That was amazing me agave!!!!!!!

  9. Lindie Lee says:

    How long does it take for the flavors to be infused? How long is too long to let it sit?

  10. I'm just gonna use blueberries lime and cucumber that's all I have soo

  11. Diana Sincal says:

    Does the water have any change in calories, or does it remain 0?

  12. aalaa aman says:

    Omg I have the same mug?? good ideas subscribed ☺️?

  13. Ahona najim says:

    after drinking can i eat da fruit?

  14. hi I want to start my own youtube Channel and yours is amazing! I'm definitely subscribing. Can I ask how old you are? I'm 15.

  15. do you do all the recipes in one day

  16. need measurements.. please

  17. Do you have new recipes that will help to reduce cholesterol and sugar levels? Or these work as well for the same purpose.

  18. Sana Sohail says:

    Hi Vanessae once we put all ingredients in water then I can drink this water all the day or it for one time ? or I can refill it with water

  19. Thanks for sharing your simple recipes..I love detox water but I prefer detox juice..so yummy

  20. do we need to wait till next day or just drink them?

  21. How long do they last????;)

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