Nonna’s Chiacchiere (Italian Fried Cookies) Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 937

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41 Responses

  1. your nonna is so adorable!

  2. Is this what others Italian call "Crostolis"???

  3. zhyunjia says:

    This video is brim with love. I miss my grandma!

  4. Sarah Hamid says:

    Your grandma is so cute <3

  5. Eunchung Lee says:

    Omg, i love your nona. She has spunk. Love love it

  6. tj bhaug says:

    I just love her! Please do more with nonna. She's a strong, lovely woman. I bet a riot to grow up with. Hugs.

  7. wow awesome!! thank you Nonna and Laura!!

  8. She's so adorable! Looks yummy too :)

  9. MrBoggles says:

    My Nonna makes these diamond shaped chocolate type biscuits I think they're made with an almond meal and they have a chocolate glaze.. I don't even know what they're called
    I'd love to see a recipient for them

  10. Keng Vang says:

    Can you make Fried Ice Cream?!!

  11. El Boring says:

    I love how your nonna didnt use a bowl to mox the flour. I dont know why lol

  12. ma siete bravissime entrambe, You are awesome, you should do Italian videos for the Italians, that will be awesome

  13. nala melody says:

    Your Nona is absolutely just beautiful

  14. I love listening to you speak Italian ????

  15. Ugly Jerk says:

    Is laura italian?

  16. Gia Di says:

    More videos with Nonna!!!

  17. Just watched this, and all I could do was. smile. What a dear, sweet Nonna.

  18. gemma alli says:

    Sono italiana di Sicilia però vivo in Francia con la mia famiglia e mia nonna ! Quando vi ascolto parlare insieme in Italiano è talmente speciale che potrei guardare il video in replay ore e ore ☺️? una domanda siete Siciliana ? ( mi sembra dall'accento ??)

  19. Love you you and your grandmother funny, nice recipe

  20. Analee Sasso says:

    We want more nonna videos!!!!!!

  21. Kathy Maffei says:

    You two are adorable. I enjoyed this sooooo much!!! I feel like I know you both, Italians are so similar!

  22. what are the measurements?

  23. Dakota Marie says:

    My Nona used to make these ?

  24. I love your grandma and when you cook in Italy. It truly reminds me of my mother and our lifestyle when we're in Yemen. If you're ever in Italy again, please do more videos there!?

  25. Chiara says:

    Sei del sud vero?
    amo le tue ricette e il tuo canale e sentirti parlare in italiano è troppo carinoooo:)

  26. I made your mushroom risotto for my Sicilian boyfriend who said it was the best risotto he's ever had! Thank you, I think that's what made him fall in love with me ?

  27. Anna D says:

    omg this is giving me memories of baking with my nonna when she was still alive

  28. mine comes out puffy.

  29. lola russo says:

    my nonna is exactly the same wow

  30. Joy Tosado says:

    I so understand how your Nonna does it. My Mum was the same way and I am proud to say that I do it as well..

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