How to cook Brown Rice perfectly | Easy Recipes

Brown Rice Pulao is a delicious Indian recipe served as a Main course. Find the complete instructions how to make tempting and delicious Brown Rice perfectly by Chef Amey.


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9 Responses

  1. what are the measures ? water/rice ?

  2. nakuma says:

    Hey brother, really liked your video. Thanks! going to try your way

  3. Can we use any other type of oil other than olive oil?

  4. Ravneet Kaur says:

    Thanks Chef. I didnt know adding lemon juice separates the grains. Will do it today

  5. panii Yolo says:

    finally great brown rice recipe .

  6. Tasha Girl says:

    Hi chef.. We need soak the rice before cook? Or just wash n drain it?

  7. EM O says:

    thank you sir you're an Indian pimp!! ive been eating uncooked brown rice for too long……

  8. aa88i says:

    All the nutrients will be washed away after draining the rice..

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