GIANT Caramel KitKat CHUNKY Candy Bar! Huge Kit Kat Chocolate Bar Recipe | My Cupcake Addiction

Another EPIC Giant Candy bar – Today I recreated one of my Favourite childhood Candy Bars – The Kit Kat Chunky. With CARAMEL!

More giant candy bars here:

And the Recipe:
For the Kit Kat its just 2 ingredients (and you can make this without caramel if you wish for a simpler and much faster option)
*** IMPORTANT NOTE: if your chocolate contains the ingredient “cocoa butter” it will need tempering to allow it to set at room temperature. I prefer to use compound chocolate such as Nestle Baking Melts in Australia or Wilton Candy Melts in the USA***

1kg compound milk chocolate
Approx 5 packets of vanilla or chocolate wafer sandwich cookies (buy more than you think you’ll need – these are delicious in ice cream if you find yourself with leftovers)

The caramel is the complex part – here’s the recipe:
600ml whipping cream
3.5oz / 100g caster (fine) sugar
1 tablespoons Glucose, Corn Syrup or Honey
6oz / 175g butter, cubed (salted or unsalted doesn’t matter here)
2 tsp vanilla extract or essence
2.5oz / 70g compound milk chocolate
2.5oz / 70g white chocolate


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24 Responses

  1. Grace Smith says:

    what was the point of making the caramel

  2. Why do you speak so fast?

  3. Like si vienes por rubiuh

  4. Chocolate that doesn't contain chocolate?

  5. I think baking is like science

  6. Aidan Kelly says:

    Can you make an salsa dancer cake, full of sweets? Please!????

  7. BooCute 99 says:

    Can u make a giant pop tart?!

  8. Terri Tieman says:

    what does off set mean

  9. I love KitKats!!!!!

  10. jrock says:

    you are brilliant!

  11. I'm so hungry for that

  12. xNaiadesx says:

    How the hell are you so fit with all this amazing chocolate 🙁 I always get hungry while looking your videos haha

  13. can you make Mr goodbar

  14. cookies vs wafers…

  15. i completely pove it

  16. there is such thing as the caramel kit Kat. THE LEGENDS ARE TRUE!

    in america

  17. Gwen Agot says:

    yum that's so delish

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