I try to make one of the most popular fall recipes / everyone’s favorite fall recipe for the first time. I end up missing some of the ingredients + making a healthier version, not by choice. Let me know if you enjoyed hanging out in my kitchen with me by giving this video a thumbs up and leaving me a comment!

this video is NOT SPONSORED. I actually did get a package of beauty products from Lancome that also had apples in it as decor [which you would know if you followed me on snapchat! –carlycristman] this video is in no way sponsored / am in no way compensated for even mentioning it, I just literally thought it would be fun to make use of the apples and film the process.

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hey guys! I wanted to have some fun on my channel today + just hang out in my kitchen with you. One of everyone’s favorite recipes for fall / most popular fall recipes is apple crisp. Can you believe that I’ve never actually made apple crisp before? This is actually only the second time I’ve ever even EATEN apple crisp- I’VE DONE FALL WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE. This video is basically like my old cooking series Faking Fancy, except I had never made this recipe before. If you follow me on snapchat, you know that these apples were shipped in a box of beauty products / were decor. I thought I should make use of them / attempt to make something with them and film the process. This was a very spur of the moment idea / video and I hope you liked just hanging out with me. Let me know if you like these relaxed videos by giving the video a thumbs up and by leaving me a comment!

Despite missing a bunch of ingredients / not having faith in myself, my apple crisp recipe actually turned out great!! Here’s what I did in case you want to follow along to some degree:

-6 Apples, sliced diced real niiice

-Cup of Oats
-Half teaspoon of cinnamon / nutmeg
-cup of brown sugar
-1/2 cup butter
-splashes of cider. Lol. IT WAS GOOD!

Slice apples + place in pan. Put topping over apples + bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until apples are tender / everythings melty + topping is crunchy.
-best served w ice cream but I didn’t have that.
-omg I have cool whip in my fridge and I am just realizing this as I type FAILLL
-serve in small mason jars if you want to be V hip

tbh this kind of tastes like v bougie oatmeal. Like real fancy breakfast, or real healthy dessert. Maybe take out the butter if you wanna be healthier. At least there’s no flour?


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38 Responses

  1. Der Vangg says:

    Lol you're so funny ??

  2. 박서연 says:

    I LOVE your videos omg?? I'm literally binge watching every single one of your vids❤️❤️ I never found any YouTubers who film every single one of there video in my intrust and I found you today!!!!!!! Ahhhh your so chill like Jennifer Lawrence you look like her I LOVE your style I love your story about how you get through all of your darkest hours. I just found you and I feel like I known you for so long!!! I hardly never write comments nor like videos but I liked almost every one of yours❤️ you make me happyy? thank you for your amazing videos and really really hope I could meet you one day❤️ (maybe as your assistant?)

  3. Hey! You are just like me, when I bake something. Milion times I must call my mother, then everything is falling,…. but to the end my cakes (and other stuffs) taste good :D

  4. I literally laughed so much. Love you Carly

  5. hahahah i am the same! i start a recipe and then realize half way through that i dont have most of the ingredients so i start googling any alternatives with what i have lol x

  6. HAHAHA I'm dying! New subbie here, you are hilarious!!! You look a lot like JLaw btw 🙂 xxx

  7. Basicx Sarah says:

    You're hilarious!! hahahahaahhaha

  8. pennylane90 says:

    hey carly! are you still super into soul cycle? ;D

  9. I ?? LOVE ?? YOUR ?? MOM.

  10. Kacie Alaina says:

    wait this was actually amazing lol

  11. Reallllly into your Thursday vids! That actually looked really good haha and yes where is Michael. Tell him he also needs to tweet more.

  12. This was like that cooking show where they reveal one ingredient and the chefs have to whip shit up in an hour and it's like out of this world…this was better and funnier lmao

  13. fun! have you heard lacrae? he's the best rapper in my book. :)

  14. sarah grace says:

    your barefoot contessa reference was great?

  15. sarah grace says:

    your barefoot contessa reference was great?

  16. LMAO this is what it sounds like when you get water in District 13. I died :)

  17. More recipe videos ! So funny

  18. Nicole Bolt says:

    Loved! You did a few of these videos with a guy awhile back (sorry guy – I forgot your name) with like appetizers or something. I think you're hilarious in the kitchen would love a Holiday cooking video!

  19. Kimberly Ann says:

    Your outfit is everything and YUM!

  20. rosie0918 says:

    You're so funny!!! Love the video!!!!

  21. So funny! Love you Carly! <3

  22. so glad you decided to upload this video! (sneakpeaked your snapchat)

  23. This video was already great but then your mom goes "hello my people" . LOVE YALL!

  24. Halirious! You're so funny! That was totally me when I first started cooking! Do another cooking video!

  25. This is too good. I feel like this looks like apple crisp, right?

  26. Claire284 says:

    Omg that was hilarious!! Great video xD

  27. LesleyyX1 says:

    hahaha i actually like this video and i don't do cooking vids

  28. i love your personality, so funny and upbeat. ps snapchat sent me :)

  29. raufilia says:

    Loved this! Very entertaining!! ??

  30. It looked really yummy at the end! One time I tried to make cookie bowls that I found on Pinterest and they ended up over flowing the pan and burning at the bottom of my oven ?

  31. Juliezeneth says:

    Haha I loved this! ??

  32. Haha this was so funny! This is how I bake :´)

  33. SLB Style TV says:

    The best video EVER xxx so much fun!!!!!

  34. Loll you're hilarious!! I love this video. I was so excited when I got those apples. I have them every morning. PS! I still have your Nars eyeliner.

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