20$ 1 Week Holiday Special: My Ebook Fully Healed + 7 day Smoothie Recipe Program and recipes!

For 1 week, I am offering a discount on my ebook Fully healed, with my 7 day smoothie program included for 20$. the dates are from December 17th 2015-December 25th 2015. Feel free to contact me on FB: Montrealhealthygirl or by email: naturopath@healingwithbrittany.com for more info and to receive your e-package! Happy Holidays, I love you all!


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  1. Namastasha says:

    Hi Brittany!! Green is such a great color on you! Makes your eyes pop :). Also I ended up buying an Aloe vera plant for my skin! It is really helping my skin heal faster and boosting my confidence up a bit more! (woohoo) It isn't organic though..but it's what I could find where I am! Also I work in the restaurant industry as well, just curious what type of place you work at? I work at Boston Pizza and ya…can't eat anything there pretty much! (which is fine, I don't want to really anyways!!) take care!! :)

  2. pablo mago says:

    it'd be lovely if your wisdom could be benefited from folk who don't speak English ? i'm thinking your e book translated into Spanish ? other languages ..

  3. I am very interested in your ebook. I will be emailing tomorrow! :)

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