Easy Vegan Lo Mein | New Year’s Eve Recipe | Healthy Grocery Girl Cooking Show

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Have a Happy and Healthy Day! xx Megan your Registered Dietitian


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24 Responses

  1. Wow looks so yummy ??

  2. Is this of any country cuisine ?

  3. Cassidy Gard says:

    OMG! I LOVE your blouse sooooo much!

  4. Totally off topic but I'd love to see a hair tutorial on your look in this vid! I love how your curls flow and curl away from your face!

  5. Does the siracha make it spicy?

  6. Definitely making this! :)

  7. Can I use soy sauce instead of coconut liquid aminos? 

  8. Pam Spicer says:

    That looks really good!!

  9. angelaa m says:

    I'm going to make this..This is my kinda meal..

  10. 41tash says:

    Happy New Year!!!

  11. that dish looks wonderful. tasty!

  12. Victoria T says:

    Happy New Year!!! I Have enjoyed your channel and hope to see you in 2016!!!

  13. PhdRapunzel says:

    Is there a substitute for the siracha sauce that's not as spicy? I want to make this for my five year old.

  14. This looks incredibly good! I like the udon noodles even better 🙂 Happy New Years Megan!

  15. De La Luna says:

    oh yes. this is getting made tonight!

  16. Yum! This recipe sounds super easy and delicious to make :)

  17. Thanks for this recipe!!:)

  18. lady12480 says:

    Yum, I'm hungry now

  19. YUM! Happy NYE!!! I'm going to make this for lunch tomorrow :)

  20. Oh yum that looks delicious! – Kim

  21. This looks so good! Can't wait to try it.

  22. Our family was just talking about trying more Asian recipes, this is perfect! Thanks and Happy New Year! xoxo

  23. that looks so delicious 🙂 excited to try it .. thank you for the video
    LOVE YA <3

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