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To enjoy your fat loss diet, you need to make it easy to follow. When I first started coaching people online I gave them strict macro numbers to hit every day. I had them weight all their food and log everything into a calorie counting app.

Of course, that produced awesome results. But it wasn’t exactly enjoyable.

What if you want to eat out? What if you don’t want to think about food all day?

Well now I have a different strategy for tracking macros. Here it is:

Track only calories and protein (with 90% accuracy)
Use a fixed diet structure every day
Let me explain each of them one by one.

For a bodybuilder looking to get to 5% while keeping all his muscle and strength, yes, tracking each macronutrient closely is important. But for the average guy looking to get the model, actor type physique tracking only calories and protein is more than enough.

Here’s why:

The calorie deficit leads to fat loss and an adequate protein intake maintains muscle mass. Carbs and fats don’t need to be fixed every day. Today you may have a higher carb day and tomorrow you may have a higher fat day. As long as you keep calories and protein the same, you’ll always get a good balance of fats and carbs as a weekly average.

It’s almost exactly the same as tracking macros daily but allowing much more flexibility. This strategy allows you to eat out. It also brings variety to your diet, making it much more enjoyable.

Now let’s talk about point number 2 – having a fixed diet structure.

You may say a fixed diet structure makes a diet harder to stick to but I disagree. If you take the time to discover the most enjoyable way for you do eat in a deficit, why would you eat any other way?

Let me give you a concrete example. My friend Ovidiu, who films me at the gym, recently started working out and losing weight. As a filmmaker he spends little time at home so he’s forced to eat out a lot.

He decided the easiest strategy for him to stay in a deficit is to fast during the morning hours, and then have two huge meals in the second part of the day.

If he deviates from this diet structure he finds it much harder and less enjoyable to stay in a deficit. You may grab a snack here and a bad meal there and realize you’ve used all your calories without even feeling satisfied.

This is the reason why I use a fixed diet structure. When I’m cutting I do this:

Morning – sparkling water and black coffee
2 PM – Protein and Veggies (30% of calories)
~50g protein, ~15g fiber, ~30g carbs, ~20g fat,
6 PM – High fat meal or dessert (30% of calories)
~30-50g fat, ~30-50g carbs, ~5-30g protein
8 PM – High carb, high protein meal (40% of calories)
80-100g protein, 100-130g carbs, 15-20g of fat

If I deviate from this structure not only do I find it harder to track macros but I enjoy the meals less. For example if I had some cake at lunch I’d hate it that I need to eat less in the evening. It’s less enjoyable. So I’d rather save the cake for 6PM.

I’ve learned this lesson from my fitness mentor Greg from Kinobody. He has a fixed diet structure too and never deviates from it because he can’t find a way to eat that’s more enjoyable than that.

You can be flexible with your meals but I recommend you are rigid with how you spread food throughout the day and what macros you have in each meal. Those should stay constant in my opinion.

So if you follow these two simple rules I believe tracking macros for fat loss will be very easy:

Track only calories and protein
Eat the same enjoyable way every day


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41 Responses

  1. I love Greg @ Kinobody, too. His approach really works. I'm doing the Kinobody Goddess workout with intermittent fasting. Love it?

  2. WTH! says:

    you make nice movies but i think they all based on kinobody strategy

  3. zevvy says:

    I do it in a similar way. What i do: i have 3 meals throughout the day, 2 small ones, 1 big one. My first small meal (first meal of the day) is usually a big protein shake with some oat meal (500 calories). This way i don't have to worry about my protein intake for the rest of the day, which means i can eat whatever i want for my big meal. My third meal is another small meal, in which i usually eat whatever i want, unless i had a really bad meal as my big meal. In that case, i would eat some more protein rich food (like lean meat, cottage cheese or similar stuff). This helps me stay in a calorie deficit and hit my protein every day without much thought. I also do intermittent fasting, so that i have a 6-8 hour eating window — this just simplifies everything and keeps me away from unhealthy snacks in the early morning and late evening.

  4. Do dieting while dating ,these type of video man?need to make my girl happy while I still can fast

  5. Young Nebula says:

    Bro thanks alot everything you talk about is mad informative ?

  6. FreakeeBeats says:

    What if I want to build muscle? Should workout days be high on carbs & eat whatever I want on rest days?

  7. And can i change coffee for a chocomilk (milk + nesquick)?? I dont really like coffee

  8. Cheers for another boss Radu!

  9. Chen Feilong says:

    I've been follow you for some time, my question for this video is when I eating out, how can I track my calorie and protein acutely? By simply using My fitness pal?

  10. I have noticed that if you can't have caffeine due to medication or a doctors orders, a BCAA drink helps to surpress appetite and at the same time a small bowl of oatmeal in the morning helps you feel full.

  11. Tyvan Vang says:

    I like to eat a lot so I just burn more calories . While using intermittent fasting . 12pm-8pm. Works perfect for me . I'm a soccer player as well. I don't lift anymore I just do body weight training. I know, I'll probably lose some muscle. But FOOD IS LIFE

  12. Alwin says:

    hey Radu, i like your videos… its entertaining (thx to your videographer) and you are indeed spitting out wisdom and common sense (useful) at the same time… but i have a question… if i eat only lean protein the whole day…. will that turn my calorie deficit into surplus? doesn't proteins have more calories than fat??

  13. If I follow the plan and only eat big meals 2pm-5pm and 8pm-10pm is it okay if I workout in the morning around 6am, thanks

  14. ….so, at the end of the day what really matters is the total calories you eat and the total of protein,fat and carbs
    and it's doesnt matter if you eating 6 meals a day or 3 meals a day, you need to reach at the end of the day the entire calories depends on your goal mass/cutt right?

  15. 10NobodyElse says:

    Are you from Sibiu? I just realised :O

  16. Mudda Hungry says:

    what's the best app to track calories?

  17. zxzrp0 says:

    So I figured out I can intake about 1950 calories per day.
    Does the human body intake and process nutrients better with big meals or piecing out the meals… say 2 big meals turn into 4 small meals spread out..
    Or is this depending on the individual?
    Thanks Radu~~~!

  18. Martin Jonth says:

    i can't seem oto get enough protein in my diet for the amount of calories i have to eat. Im about 20-30 grams off of the amount i need, instead i get too much fat in my diet. about 10-20g too much. How much of a deal is this when im just trying to get my body fat % dow. im at 25% at the moment. I could imagine that as long as im in a calorie defecit when im above 10-15% it wouldnt matter as much, or am i completly wrong?

  19. Ive been recently watching a lot of  your videos Radu , your tips are great and easy to follow , keep it up ! Respect all the way from Russia , come by sometime , would be amazing to see you here !)

  20. +Radu Antoniu
    I guess you drink coffee without sugar during you fasting period. Am I right? I ask just in order to know that I've got what you mean, because in this video there are opened sugar bags 🙂

  21. Slim R says:

    Hey Radu

    just wanna know if maybe u could coach me? Macros for cutting

    have a nice day

  22. nitesh dulal says:

    Hi I had a question
    If we extend our fasting period in the morning wouldnt the body go into catabolic state.
    I mean wouldnt it burn muscle
    I am sorry if it doesnt make sense I am just beginning to understand all these concepts

  23. Uncle June says:

    So how do you know the kcal when eating out? For example that cake?

  24. Nico Cortez says:

    would this be ineffective if i dont workout?

  25. Ipsissimusz says:

    This is exactly what i was doing for months, i eat what i want and count only calories and proteins, its super easy and enjoyable.

  26. Hey Radu, I was wondering do you eat bread? I stopped eating bread because I think that I gain more fat when I do. Is this right or not?

  27. omega383 says:

    Another great video Radu, I've been on IF for 3 weeks and I'm still experimenting with the setup. I do agree it works best when the spread is rigid. Personally, I prefer the 2 meal split.

  28. doppey86 says:

    Thanks Radu, these tips help make cutting easy

  29. Mina Tadros says:

    What meals do contain 100g of protein alone with 150g of carbs that I can for dinner ?

  30. Your friend ovidiu is dr. BS Scammermax? hahaha;)

  31. Your friend ovidiu is dr. BS Scammermax? hahaha;)

  32. can sweeteners be used with coffee ? like those sweeteners based on sodium ? do they interfere with fasting ?

  33. Can we see the results of the fat guy we see in 2:50?

  34. hey radu my problem is that i dont usually skip breakfast, any solution to that?

  35. you are the "Apple" of fitness. Simple and easy to understand. Kudos bro..

  36. LEO Messi says:

    yes radu . you can do all this and lose weight . however people like me take it one step further . i make sure to whole natural foods cooked in the right method . and staying away from the carcinogens in progressed foods …. and if you eat that stuff you'll have a serious shortage in vitamins… ! I still want to live for 100 more years .

  37. Radu you are so sexy ❤

  38. How tall are you Radu?

  39. DavidisDawei says:

    Being in your 20's helps a lot!

  40. Carlos says:

    Those chocolates though..shhhhhhh

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