Disclaimer: The ingredients I used were on the expensive side so I’m working on another video that caters to people who want affordable recipes

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9 Responses

  1. Ugh I needed this! Super running out of ideas on what to eat

  2. CJ Mirana says:

    subscribed! <3 just found you today

  3. CJ Mirana says:

    more vegan recipes please yung medyo mura kung maari XD salamat po

  4. honey c says:

    the audio can barely be heard. turn it up more and everything's good ?? yummy recipe btw

  5. i need more of this! i am a teenager and I am planning to go vegan.

  6. I salute us Vegans, especially filipino vegans , where meat eating is culture. Like seriously, i am vegan but every time I see pork adobo, I cry.

  7. Looks really tasty :)

  8. dianne golez says:

    can u put the pricelist po of the ingredients, especially the chia seeds? hehe

  9. How are you not starving? everything is so low calorie

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