The Best Homemade Shepherd’s Pie: Easy Simple Shepherd’s Pie Recipe

Shepherd’s Pie Recipe:

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47 Responses

  1. Becky Snyder says:

    this looks amazing and will have to try. I do like my version alot which i got from rachel ray but yours looks yummy and adding cream cheese is something new for me. i love watching you made me smile especially at the end lol

  2. OnyxMoonSign says:

    Worcestershire is pronounced (war-stir-sure).

  3. MJ Orozco says:

    That looks amazing!!! Will be doing this today!!

  4. the mince beef looked like shit at first lol it just put me off

  5. love your videos, just wondering, did your mom or grandmother teach you to cook or did you just learn it on your own? keep em coming

  6. I thought shepherd's pie didn't have beef in it. Cottage pie does but Shepherd pie does not.

  7. Maria Frazer says:

    Sweetie, all you have to say is " wuss tuh" for your w sauce , or wish ta!!
    And everyone else knocking his vid!!
    The beauty of cooking is adding and tweaking… If you don't like, either do not watch or don't make!!!

  8. Nutellabot says:

    Can I use gluten free flour mix for the slurry?

  9. All these people talking about the way he cooks his shepherd pie. Oh come on guys. Let people be creative even if it means modifying the original recipe that you already knew. Let people cook according to their own preferences. I would also prefer beef because lamb is pretty expensive to get in my country.

  10. Joel Arsyad says:

    ive used this ingredient for my mother and it is the best shepherds pie ive ever taste

  11. brittney ovo says:

    I don't understand how ppl can come to somebody's cooking channel and tell them how to cook.yes it maybe a traditional food but nobody obligated to eat like that,that's like saying pizza shouldn't have onions or veggie or different kinds of sauce bc that's not the traditional way.well if you don't like it then find another's person cooking channel or go found your dead ancestors old cook book of recipes.

  12. austen pyles says:

    I don't mean to be rude, but this is by no means a shepards pie. Also you seemed to have used a ground beef with high fat ratio that you didn't drain out. A shepards pie usually has ground lamb, grated onion garlic and carrot, and you use tomato purée not ketchup. I have by no means ever seen a recipe made in this fashion but to eat their own.

  13. I made it. It the best thank u

  14. Mary Fala says:

    Love your recipes!

  15. need to try this

  16. lost619 says:

    I usually drain the mince a little as its a bit fatty otherwise

  17. Monica Tyson says:

    lol ooh my goodness did he start speaking in tongues lmao anointed that beef

  18. Jean C says:

    You really do make the best recipes

  19. My dad is from England so I have had Shepherds pie hundreds of times but I decided to make it myself and wanted a quick refresher and I'm so glad I did your recipe was delicious! And hilarious! I rarely write comments on youtube but I just had to because I loved it so much. Thank you!

  20. gotta love ya some shepherds pie!

  21. Have made this dish twice already tastes awesome family loves it
    Well done Phillyboy cheers mate

  22. You have to say "THE BEST!!!" in every video! I love that lol.

  23. Great presentation. Love your humor. We're going to buy the ingredients today and give it a try. Thanks much.

  24. Loved it and love your accent and the way you explain the recipe. My family really enjoyed it. I used pork instead as we don't eat beef and the result was sensational :). Thank you!!!!

  25. The W sauce thO:)

  26. Cat M says:

    looks yummy!

  27. David Marr says:

    I'm an atheist and just had a religious experience. – Phillyboyiticus 12:48

  28. Erik Martir says:

    you should use cornstarch and cold water instead of flour but looks great!

  29. Looks nice 2 me nice one :)

  30. i enjoyed the recipe…but i crescent roll dough to line my bake ware then i add the meat filling and mashed potatoes on top…i dont know if it is considered shepherds pie…but it is delicious…actually ive never had it without the crescent rolls dough on the bottom…just looks incomplete to me!!! i enjoy ur videos

  31. Bevakasha says:

    I am English and I have never heard of any English person using cream cheese in the potato's. The dish MUST be pot. Eggs? Paprika?This is ruined.

  32. MrsGnetta1 says:

    making it this week…love your videos

  33. yumm I can't wait to make this for sure.

  34. Hey, Philly boy I enjoyed your channel. What video camera do you use to do your youtube videos have a blessed day.

  35. Worcestershire sauce is pronounced wuss-tah sauce :-)

  36. my husband absolutely enjoyed this. I enjoy your recipes, they r detailed an they always come out exactly from your instructions. Thank you

  37. Ashley Hanna says:

    PhillyboyJayCooKiNgShow i just made it for an exam i loved whole family tasted it and loved it!!!!! thanks for the recipe!!!!

  38. This looks so good!

  39. Time Is Up says:

    I like how u thoroughly season your dishes.

  40. Eunice says:

    Made this the other day and it was booomb! Thank you

  41. Kris Markham says:

    Shepeards pie should be made with lamb mince hence the name, but even so this still looks amazing… 

  42. leahlee50 says:

    I got the cooking bug at 3 this morning and I made this as well as your cabbage and omg so delicious. My first shepherds pie too. I did have to add more garlic, salt, and Worcestershire but once it was to my preference it was delicious. The mash with cream cheese and Parmesan is so delicious, I won't make it any other way. Thank you so much. New sub!

  43. looks delicious i have never seen this food before ..

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