Homemade Beignets (Baked Not Fried) – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking Ep. 123

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Hi Bold Bakers! Beignets are little square dough fritters most famously found at the Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans and, of course, Disneyland! While most beignets are fried, I’ve decided to give you a Big & Bold alternative by showing you how to bake them to perfection! So let’s get baking!

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22 Responses

  1. brucelle tan says:

    can you make homade blueberry pie..?

  2. i tried and i absolutely loved it! i still prefer the traditional beignets however :/

  3. I'm sitting in bed with a fever and sore throat.
    Can you do a few microwaveable/quick deserts and snacks that don't have dairy products (cream cheese, cheese, butter), and nothing oily, maybe something healthy like soup? For the deserts, nothing cold, no yogurt, and nothing with chocolate. Being sick is terrible and it's the time I crave my favorite foods more than ever. :(.

  4. im in my exams week, but all i do is watching ur vids every moment of each day :(

  5. Princess and the frog

  6. john sap says:

    How can you store this???

  7. Hi, Gemma. I am really a fan of yours. Im from Philippines. I was just wondering if you could make a video about muffins esp corn muffins and blueberry muffins. thanks!

  8. could you please bake a swiss role??!!!

  9. nolalilmama says:

    From New Orleans and for anyone who ever comes to visit I would recommend going to Café du Monde. It's a nice experience. There are several locations throughout the city. Be prepared to make a mess with the powdered sugar while eating them but it is so worth it!!!

  10. Gemma, I'm curious why you glazed with milk instead of an egg wash? Is there a difference?

  11. Trisha Rudra says:

    Hi Gemma, love your recipes. Just one question, we don't get evaporated milk in India. Can milk powder work? Or Condensed milk?

  12. Love the beignets miss Gemma! Also, has anyone ever told you that you have a slight resemblance to Laina Walker? (The Overly Attached Girlfriend) Anyways, keep those recipes coming! :)

  13. make more frozen dessert vids

  14. make more frozen dessert vids

  15. krisscore says:

    Hello, Gemma! Loved the video! One question: can I change the butter to coconut oil?

  16. Lisa N says:

    I just discovered your channel. Oh my gosh. You are so cute and these beignets look so amazing! I told my husband that I've got to make them. He said if I make them, he will be happy to eat them. ? Look forward to exploring your channel.

  17. StarleePie47 says:

    I wish I had found this recipe sooner. My mom loved beignets and I could have made them for mothers day. Then again, just because mothers day passed doesn't mean I can't make them for her.

  18. Gerianne Tan says:

    Can u make a video of "how to make marshmallow fluff"

  19. T S K Carey says:

    could u cover it in cinnamon sugar?

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