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#1: People are always looking to slim down, lose weight and cut calories. While calorie counting is not always the answer, infusing meals with more nutritious ingredients, and ditching unnecessary fats and carbs is a great way to start when looking to shed a few pounds.

2: This delectable sweet and healthy dessert comes from Toronto’s own earth and city. Oats, almonds and dates are mixed together for the base, then topped with a layer of natural peanut butter blended with banana and sea salt, a layer of jam and finished off with the remaining crumble.

3: Here, he shares his tips for which fruits and veggies will last the longest, how to store them for optimal longevity, and what to do with them when they’ve started to wilt. These tips are a great starting point for getting the most from your fresh goods, but as always, trust your senses and don’t consume food that looks or smells off.



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