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Today I am sharing two healthy and vegan dinner ideas that are perfect for on the go or at home! RAINBOW WRAPS & SAVORY MANGO ZOODLES are quick, delicious, and affordable so I know you will love them! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for a chance to win a free spiralizer! xx LIV’S VIDEO:


In this video I am talking about why and how I became vegan! I also share the benefits that I got from this AMAZING lifestyle and my thoughts along the way. Hope you enjoy it! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more videos like this, give it a THUMBS UP so we can continue spreading the vegan message, and COMMENT down below to let me know your thoughts! XOXO Emma’s channel:


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“If you can be raw in college, you can be raw anywhere!”

Music Credits: Kaibu

My name is Ashley Hampton and I began Raw in College to share my health journey as a college student on a raw vegan lifestyle. Through my blog and YouTube channel, I share my life experiences in my articles on and in my videos! I am so passionate about helping YOU change your life just like I did. Whether you want to enhance your health, increase your fitness, or lose some weight (the healthy way) this channel is for you!


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14 Responses

  1. can you do a video how to transition into raw veganism, step by step. I am in college and a vegan and want to go raw that is my goal for next semester. 🙂 Thanks.

  2. yummm your food always looks so fresh and delicious! I'll be trying that sauce you made for the zoodles! 😀 <3

  3. Inspired_ 88 says:

    Keep making these videos please. They have helped me a lot on my healthy journey. I commented what health means to me on your Instagram post.

  4. I got jicama from my mum yesterday– now I know what to do with it 🙂 ?

  5. neva rosa says:

    Thank you for this great dinner options, Ashley! I always enjoy your videos?

  6. Those wraps look amazing!! ?

  7. Thanks so much for this video! I can't wait to try the recipes. They look amazing! 🙂 Please make more like this, I struggle with raw dinners the most. <3 <3 <3

  8. Thanks Ashley it's @amlmakeupartistry and I truly love this video. The recipes look so simple and delicious and I can't wait to try them to improve my health and well-being. Health means everything to me beause without health I feel so limited and unhappy and I love to feel free and blessed to bring more goodness to our planet. You motivate me so much and I completely appreciate that. Please keep up the excellent work.


  10. Ana Nee says:

    Health means to me to eat the food that your brain and body need, I want the food that I eat to help me be able to achieve the person I want to be.

  11. Anya Sophie says:

    Omg that mango sauce looked INSANE!! <3

  12. RawKyle says:

    Love this Ashley! Awesome video. ?

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