Quick Vegetable Biryani-Veg Biryani In Pressure Cooker-Pressure Cooker Biryani-Easy Biryani Recipe

Rice(basmati/any other rice)-1 glass(200 gm)
Water-350 ml(1.25 glass of water)
Chopped onion-2
Chopped french beans-25 gm
Chopped carrot-1(small)
Chopped green pepper-1(small)
Fresh/frozen peas-50 gm
Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
Cumin seeds-1/2 tsp
Green chilli(slit)-2
Bay leaves-2
Green cardamom(elaichi)-2
Shahi biryani masala(any brand)-2 tsp
Salt to taste or 1.5 tsp
Cooking oil-3 tbsp

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Music by Kevin MacLeod;
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50 Responses

  1. hello kabita ji i tried it its superb my kids love it so much thx for help us

  2. Ashish Nanda says:

    kabita madam please tell me

  3. Ashish Nanda says:

    how to cook chicken biriyani in pressure cooker ?

  4. SINDHU MENON says:

    very simple and nice receipe.

  5. ma'am aapki recipe bhaut hi simple n easy hoti hai I really love it this recipe I will defineatly try

  6. Ashish Nanda says:

    I will try at my house.It's so yummy.Thanx kabita hi.

  7. Mam vegetable pulo and vegetable biryani different hain

  8. Abdul Wahid says:

    bohot zabrdst. thanks

  9. you are the best!!!!!!

  10. very simple thank you so much??

  11. Rajneesh G says:

    you are awesome mam .very simple and easy recipe

  12. it's very simple kabita ji…..?

  13. Rama Krishna says:

    It. is. very. nice

  14. but the water to rice ration for pressre sooker is 2:1
    wont adding that much water burn the rice or someting
    just asking :)

  15. tasty rise thank-you very nice

  16. thank u for ur wonderful recipe.explained it very well kavitha ji

  17. Nandini Rao says:

    Another feather to your hat Kabitha ji… can you please teach how to make paneer biryani… great job…

  18. very nice recipe…. i love it

  19. Shoaib Khan says:

    really you are so good mam I want you to cook fish curry

  20. simple&tasty,luv ur recipes

  21. Superb Thnku Bht Easy step btaya h aapne :)

  22. Sarika Dev says:

    thank u. works really well?. aapki aawaz bhi pyari hai

  23. Madiha Naz says:

    N best thing of ur channel is, which make ur channel famus in pk that is u reply soo faster n if we have some problem u solvd it.

  24. Madiha Naz says:

    Kabita g m frm pakistan
    realy i 1st tym see rice which cook in cooker
    n ur voice is soo soo sweeet lyk ur racipy juss luv it ma'am

  25. Mam , i made it ??? m so happy that it came out successfully its all bcoz of you ? the measurements n all thank you so much

  26. Never ever i do . I am big fan on urs channel ,but i was soo busy in some family business. Soo sorry .

  27. Sonia Rani says:

    superb mam very easy ??

  28. Neeru Jain says:

    kabita g kal biryani banay aapne sahe kha masale ka taste ise different banata hi thanx to u

  29. very nice Thanks

  30. nice one my dear well done

  31. soumya tari says:

    any simple recipe for vrat so tat i can pack n get in my office

  32. haris m says:

    I added Pudina and coriander leaves (chopped) after the cooker opening and also added some yogurt and let it cook another 2 minutes. Came out real nice. Thank you.

  33. manish kumar says:

    good one kabita jee

  34. firdaus ara says:

    Thank you so much ma'am iwas looking for simple veg biryani receipe…it's looking very nice ?

  35. Pamela Dhar says:

    hiiii kabita…kmn a6o? tmr ei rcp ta dekhe khub valo laglo…khub easy way te dekhiye6o..nischoi try korbo..thanks for sharing?ei rcp ta chkn diye kora jabe ki?

  36. soumya tari says:

    if we r using fine rice oder den basmati hw much water to add n he much time for soaking

  37. soumya tari says:

    I m always fan of ur receipes dey r always ossum

  38. Maybe you are the only person in YouTube for whom there is not even a single negative comment,,thank god !

  39. Mr Govin says:

    Excellent video.Everyone should learn from you how to make a video on cooking. Thank you so much

  40. Hello Kabitaji….thanks for this lovely recipe….I also like the way you teach…..

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