How I Make My Kids Lunches

Healthy Make Ahead Meal Ideas for Kids Lunches
Lunch Boxes :
Sandwich Cutter :
Lenny and Larry Cookies :
The All Natural Cookie :


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46 Responses

  1. did you see the sodium on that ham ?

  2. JUKENZTM says:

    I brought a huge batch of these bitch a batch?? TF u baking cookies and she talking about "from cockshoe" like bitch you looking like one when your pants down the the crease of your ass!

  3. oskar hanns says:

    What's the point in buying boiled eggs waste of money just make them urself

  4. Maddie k says:

    Buying already boiled eggs is probably the same as buying a dozen. and all of the plastic waste is terrible, plastic cups for hummus, plastic spoons and all that packaging. please buy reusable spoons and containers for dips….you are already sending the big container it doesn't hurt to bring home a spoon and cul too

  5. MrKPIN says:

    The ham is processed. Processed food is bad.

  6. if ur from australia u will probs know what a yakult is but if not it is one of those milk probiotic things shown in the vid

  7. RB RB says:

    this is so unhealthy look at the amount of sugar in most of these products. You asked about carbs all of the bellow are carbs
    Beans and Lentils

  8. Avistii 16 says:

    American lunches are funny lol.. idk how you get full by that.. it's literally eating snacks for lunch. I usually pack rice meat and veggies..

  9. wait how many kids does she have?!

  10. Sarah Banks says:

    PLEASE become educated on animal products and their effect on your body and environment.

  11. Aimee BooBah says:

    The juice boxes contain real fruit juice with real fruit sugars.

  12. Haters don't hate hates Gaya hate hate hate

  13. Meow Lover says:

    Poor Chickens ?? they get must get slaughtered!!!

  14. Wouldn't it be better to make the boiled egg in the morning so it's fresh or no

  15. nature place lunch meats are lower in sodium.

  16. I can't believe all these comments, they're so mean ! You look amazing , 2 kids with a body like that and your sane enough to make a very yummy lunch for them ! Go momma go ! I barely manage to throw together lunches even half like that ! Who cares about packaged eggs and chicken, we moms know every little bite helps 😉 once again, YOUR SANE 😀 that's all that matters

  17. Jana Cheaib says:

    why she no waering no shirt do….?

  18. Alena Coman says:

    the light turned off in the pantry omg

  19. KcHy BaBa says:

    you don't make lunches you put them in boxes .
    nice try lol

  20. Lia G says:

    Who else HATES the yolk on hard boiled eggs

  21. Megan P says:

    You should check out how the Japanese make bento boxes. You could get some other lunch ideas. They use a lot of the foods you show. They're also really fun.

  22. I'm sorry but they are children!! just because you meal plan to look that way doesn't mean they have to!! why don't you stop being lazy and take the time to cook for them!! all that packaged stuff is worse then cooking!

  23. I am new … How many Kids does sehe have?

  24. this lunches look so fun

  25. Eleonore Bon says:

    Why do you buy so many of those lunch boxes? They're not disposable, right?
    Edit: I now realised you prepare these boxes for the entire week! I'd never heard of that. Do you also already put the bread and carrots etc in?

  26. Sara Al-ot says:

    Wow i bet this saves u a lot of time and headache

  27. everyone saying that this isn't healthy… do you know what school lunches look like/or taste like/or consist of? she is feeding her kids the foods that they will eat and fulfill their needs. on top of the fact that She is a working mom I think she is doing amazingly. my mom never put this much effort (or really any effort I think) into doing anything for my sister and I.
    the only thing that freaked me out was the pointing with your middle finger… that got me through the whole video. haha :)

  28. how many kids do you have?

  29. Stop pointing with your middle finger

  30. Thank you so much for sharing!

  31. Ok I have been on a NO sugar diet and the juice boxes actually don't have any added sugar! All it is is the natural sugars form the fruit! Hope that info helps!

  32. Yandere Life says:

    thanks for the ideas im a 8th grade student and my schools free lunches are horrible and have hair in them or arent cooked
    this will come in handy :)

  33. the Oscar Myers lunch meat has nitrites in it which causes cancer. I don't even feed that to my kids.

  34. You're a horrible mom

  35. How did I end up here?

  36. its good that people are making healthy lunches but cold meat left out of fridge a approx five to six hours is not good school should have refrigerators may be in corridors or class rooms when I helped at my kids schooling seen bags covered in ants mice running down corridors at least the kids can pop it in afridge take healthier food and stay nice and freshso if they wants kids eating fresh get ting fridges would b good wat do you guys think

  37. Uhhh yeah lets buy the reduced fat and stuff my kids with sugars instead ?

  38. Hi says:

    Why were you pointing with your middle finger to point at 12:03

  39. Zoe Malcean says:

    Water added?? Why? This is so mass produced that is shit so high in fat that's so unhealthy chickens good ham bad I work at legoland and even then kids hate processed hams

  40. Mary Manz9 says:

    My mom never cared about lunches slap a sandwich together with and a water sometimes fruit maybe not often a goldfish or cookie less than once a month. I now eat school food it fills me up and is much more balanced. My mom would still make me eat the same amount now that im older. She almost never makes breakfast and dosent put care into dinner like she used to. Now she is concerned with how much I eat and that it has like 100 to 400 carbs in a meal. Most nights I just eat cheerios a peice of tost or pizza you will not believe how tired I am of pizza.

  41. J aune says:

    Oh please if you really wanted to tell us about lunches do did not have to dress like that and put all the focus on you – what a poor example for your little girls – what will you do when they want to dress like this? Be a whole parent and not a narcissist.

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