Apple Dumplings! | Kayfabe Kitchen

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! Brian Zane cooks up Jim Ross’ favorite dessert recipe from “JR’s Cookbook,” published in 2003! For the recipes needed to make this dish, visit the WWW Facebook page!


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44 Responses

  1. Death guy says:

    You should make The Rocks Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies

  2. Malefizia says:

    What is Nutmeg? Never heard of it?

  3. I would like to see
    NJPW vs WWE

  4. Pizza Man says:


  5. DUDE! You gotta make "The Rocks Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies" They are, I 100% guarantee, gonna be the best cookies you ever eat.

  6. sgfreak37 says:

    That looks good and all, but I have to say that my Mom's apple dumplings are so mucb better.

  7. odd they'd call a vol au vent a dumpling but hey – its easy and tasty

  8. Eddie Yi says:

    Can I spit it in the face of the people who don't want to be cool?

  9. I'm early let me make a Seth Rollins' 2nd world title reign: Seth Rollins' 2nd world title reign

  10. Billy Bob says:

    Do a colab with nostalgia critic

  11. Robjr83 says:

    Ma god King we got Da Diabeetus

  12. I'll admit the title caught me off guard. I thought, apples and pork? That doesn't go together. Luckily I was wrong

  13. Replace chocolate with custard and I'm all in

  14. yay kayfabe kitchen :3

  15. secret germs says:

    do you cook for your wife and child?

  16. "Fuji" Apples hm? There's a wrestling manager laughing somewhere I'm sure of it.

  17. Chocolate syrup and apples contrast very heavily. Might want to go with caramel

  18. he reminds me of chandler bing

  19. ToyTube TvT? says:

    needs a glaze, or caramel.

  20. Yay! I love Kayfabe Kitchen. I gotta pick up both of these cookbooks when I get a chance.

  21. Wow, these are sooooo delicious!

    Hey, you think they have a recipe for Shawn Michaels. If so, do that on the next Kayfabe Kitchen!

  22. Jesco White says:

    This is one I will try out. Nice video

  23. Brandon Ali says:

    Next week make Mark Henry's Sexual Chocolate

  24. Big Daddy69 says:

    "I know a lot of you dont have time to marinate" but you have 3-5 hour to watch wwe weekly and youtube channels.

  25. Siwy14 says:

    Will you make a longer recipe in near future?

  26. Not a big fan of chocolate and apples together. I wonder if caramel could be substituted instead of chocolate.

  27. IFCGaming says:

    Are there any recipes in there that actually require cooking and not just putting pre-made ingredients together ?

  28. When are you gonna make steve regals fish and chips? They weren't that amazing tbh but you should really try it!

  29. id make a Vanilla Sauce instead. otherwise i Think it would be Dry.

  30. Juri Han says:

    Last Time I Was This Early TNA Was Watchable

  31. please make an Undertaker or Mick Foley recipe when you use the "The WWF is cooking" cookbook again

  32. saintdane05 says:

    I've tried it before. Maybe I screwed up, but the apples seemed a bit dry. Maybe if instead of just sauteed apples we tried cinnamon apples it would would be better?

  33. Redbaron says:

    Baw gawd apples

  34. PJ IS BALD! says:

    Last time I was this early Krispin Wah was Chris Benoit

  35. Suitable For Vegetarians????

  36. XCell says:

    I love this series, please do these weekly :)

  37. 1 minute ago? Jesus I'm early

  38. Last time I was this early

    These comments were funny

  39. Moe Lester says:

    i hate when people ask for likes on videos. like if you agree

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