5 Easy Meals to Make in the Electric Skillet

5 easy meals to make in the electric skillet for when it’s too hot to cook or just when you want less clean up or a hassle free meal.
Bread pudding :54
Banana cake 2:26
Enchiladas 4:49
English muffins 7:36
Brownies 11:37
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22 Responses

  1. Hi Babs, These are some great simple recipes .. i must invest in a Skillet. Wow i can make all these lovely dishes in a Skillet thats awesome! Thanks for sharing this. Have a great day XXOO!

  2. Helen Lane says:

    yumm!, Heat index 110 again today and me and my electric skillet still going strong?

  3. Mylifesahoot says:

    everything looked delicious!! my electric skillet is going to be getting a workout!!????

  4. Thanks babs I'm gonna look for one this weekend.

  5. Diana Lynn says:

    Hi barb, how do you cook the English muffins if you don't own an electric skillet?

  6. I used to always use my electric skillet but changed to using crockpot after watching this I am going back to using my electric skillet…you had me at the enchiladas yum-o lol

  7. FitAngie says:

    Oh my goodness I love what you did here with all these recipes Babs. That banana cake is definitely a must and one to try very soon. Thank you sweetie x

  8. Everything looked so delicious! You made an amazing feast. ??

  9. Great video!!!! I love your lipstick ! <3

  10. squishy2424 says:

    After finding your cooking channel I got my electric skillet today!! Kinda nervous hearing the popping noises as it heats up and I'm afraid the glass lid is gonna shatter on me.

  11. marie Savino says:

    I loved all the recipes Barbara. The electric skillet saved Melbourne in the 90's as a major gas pipe was destroyed & most people had gas ovens. I used to make Torrone in mine ( an Italian almond nougat) It always turned out beautifully because of the low setting. I don't have it anymore as I loaned it some ingrate than never gave it back lol! Thank you Barbara.

  12. Hi I need the recipe for belizean tacos. thanks

  13. 2BeYOUtifulB says:

    I KNOW your house smelled awesome! Between the banana bread and the English muffins!! O.M.G!!! Definitely trying these recipes! Bomb as always Mrs. Barbara?????

  14. Why not telling how many minutes did you cook the pudding?

  15. please show us how to make those cake mixes in the containers!!!!

  16. Norman Hart says:

    IM thinking of buying an electric skillet to improve my diet a little. Can you make more videos about healthy dinners in an electric skillet

  17. Hello, I just subscribed to your channel. What type of skillet do you use? I'm looking for an electric skillet that does not cycle power do you have any suggestions?

  18. Lisa Philyaw says:

    thank you for your great idea on how to use my electric skillet. We travel a lot and I cook out of a crockpot and my skillet. So keep posting…. thank you! thank you!

  19. favorites says:

    canned milks are so gross…especially evaporated milk – YUCK

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