Family Dinner Ideas

Our dinners for the past week and how I prepared them.

Essential Oils:

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10 Responses

  1. i love your lunch ideas , its amazing !

  2. as always it all looks good. makes me want a food processor but the fish I could almost taste yummy!! hope you all are feeling better.:)

  3. Kim Wenzel says:

    Oh my, the salmon looks so good!

  4. thanks for sharing,can't wait to see more,i miss your meal prep videos especially when iam tired,it really helps.

  5. Amazing video throughly enjoyed it!! Where do you get all your creative ideas from? Xx??

  6. Rakel Berg says:

    Can you make breakfast ideas

  7. Towanna lynn says:

    Tip for Good brown bottom on cornbread in castiron ! Preheat oven put your cast iron on top of stove get it hot add a little bit of oil and a little bit of cornmeal let it brown the add your cornbread mix then put in oven! Then you get a yummy crust on that cornbread! My motherinlaw is 40 yrs older than me and I taught her that about 20 yrs ago. She made her cornbread in a cake pan until I came along.

  8. Ivana D says:

    Love all your cooking videos????

  9. jemmasmom1 says:

    if you refrigerate the mashed potatoes and filling it will be much easier to handle and put together.

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