Nutritional Healing for Neurological Disorders: 31 Special Diet Dessert Recipes E-Book

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Neurological disorders including Autism, Dyslexia, Depression, Dyspraxia, A.d.d., A.d.h.d., and Schizophrenia are quite common in kids and grownups nowadays. These are believed to have a connection with what we eat or drink, and the limitation of our digestive system. Given that, nutritional healing of these neurological disorders can be made possible by planning our own special diet, keeping within the range of food and drink that are good for digestive system and avoiding the contrary.the cookbook nutritional Healing for Neurological Disorders: 31 Special Diet Dessert Recipes has selectively included the ingredients that are good for our digestive system as recommended by the principle called Gaps Diet, which has been developed by Dr Natasha Campbell-mcbride. The dessert section in the Gaps diet is far from bland. There’s a lot of healthy food there, yes. But they are also good to eat too, which is what most of us are looking’s all about alternatives. So there’s yogurt instead of milk and honey instead of sugar. But not only that; when used well, even fruits can make a really good dessert and there are a number of dessert recipes that have fruits, dried or fresh that give you the sweet quotient to your this cookbook we’ve tried to give you a wide variety in terms of desserts so that you will not find anything lacking. We’ve tried to give you food that is both easy to prepare and good to eat, but will still stick to the spirit of the Gaps diet plan.enjoy!


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