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Easy Christmas Tree Brownies, based on http://bit.ly/2fWjeHI
1 Box Brownie Mix
1 Tub White Vanilla Icing
Green Food Colouring
Candy Canes

Easy Gingersnap Truffles, based on http://bit.ly/2gQ7PG8
A pack of gingersnap biscuits
100g/3 Large Spoons of Cream Cheese
1 Bar Milkybar Chocolate
Chocolate Sprinkles / Icing to Decorate

Orange Double Chocolate Cookies, based on Tanya Bakes -http://amzn.to/2gVekKE
200g Butter
300g Caster Sugar
1 Large Egg
275g Self-Raising Flour
75g Cocoa Powder
Dash of Milk
1 Bar Milkybar Chocolate
Bag of mini Terry’s Chocolate Orange Segments

Christmas Chocolate Pretzel Wreaths
White Chocolate

Rice Krispie Mini Puddings, based on http://bit.ly/2fWkXg3
50g Unsalted Butter
180g Marshmallows
100g Rice Krispies
200g Milk Chocolate
100g White Chocolate
Sprinkles to Decorate

I’m Wearing:

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43 Responses

  1. i can't even tell you how many people I'm going to impress with these — me and my friend are defo gonna use these recipes when we have our annual party xx

  2. Amy Clarke says:

    I love the little rice krispies puddings gonna try these for my friends at christmas. x

  3. Amelia Smith says:

    Kinda early squad where u at ??????

  4. Thanks for the hard work in this video Zoe xx

  5. I love your baking videos!!

  6. Yas! Gonna use these! Your a lifesaver!!!!

  7. hahaha "for my fake party i'm not really having"

  8. I've been asked to make some Christmas treats for Christmas dinner and these are perfect !!

  9. you NEED your own cooking show on the food network!

  10. I'm not really a fan of cooking videos but Zoe should make a cooking channel called like cooking with zoella and upload on it whenever she wants? Like if you agree ??

  11. All of these treats look soooo good!!?☺️???

  12. El Prostenko says:

    What a beautiful video, Zoe! Thanks soooo much for the recipes. Can't wait to try all of them!

  13. Potato Poot says:

    If I could make these, I wouldn't be able to control myself

  14. Such a lovely jumper ! ???

  15. Alexa W says:

    is that the sweater Tanya's that Jim stole for a video? lol maybe it's not but it really looks like it xD

  16. Still not over the intro!

  17. Erin Smith says:

    5:586:05 needs to b used in joes nxt innuendo video??

  18. Who else is watching this in the bath?

  19. Tabetha Wood says:

    Loved this, I'm definitely making the Christmas tree brownies!! ?? xxx

  20. I'm loving this 24 days of zoella vidss

  21. I will gladly come over and help you eat all of that???

  22. cupcake xxx says:

    I need a new hand whisk

  23. this is by far the best christmas treats video I've seen so far! the christmastree-brownies are definitely my favourites<3

  24. Trinity Jess says:

    My maths teacher was wearing that jumper on Friday ? I like it?❤️

  25. your jumpe is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee

  26. Chrystal says:

    Zoe, you look absolutely stunning in this video and I just love watching your cooking videos. Congrats, you've made me hungry again! ?

  27. Yummy dairy milk is the best

  28. Zorana 03 says:

    I lovee your videos❤❤❤❤❤

  29. JustJay says:

    That pretzel wreath is sooo cute! ^_^

  30. Amazing video and by the way loved the intro and you look adorable

  31. LOL last year Christmas in Aussie was 45 degrees

  32. I loved when Zoe was blatantly honest about having a fake party. The realness there! hahaha <3

  33. PRAEPLOY says:

    hair tutorial pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. I plan on making ALL of these for our annual Christmas party/My husband's bday. =D

  35. I get bullied at school. and whenever I come home I always watch your YouTube videos because they make me really happy

  36. Gillian T says:

    These all look SO GOOD! I'm so excited to try some of these! LOVE IT!

  37. I made the gingerbread truffles and they were sooooo good!!??

  38. I want to try the christmas pudding rice krispie balls! Love this video Zoe xx

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