monday vibes + dinner recipe | vlog8 #vlogmas









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26 Responses

  1. Finally 😀 lol snapchat fam

  2. #snapchatfam I love you and your family true goals!

  3. loving your videos and how down to earth they are I'm a mom too so it's refreshing to see what actually happens in a day in your life thanks for sharing xxx

  4. Are you still doing the 21 day fix?

  5. u def. look wayyy more shy on here lol its ok just be urself ur beautiful dont be shy ?

  6. Dominic doesn't sound like a child anymore ?

  7. Jazzy Jazz says:

    Your hubby is handsome you two make a cute couple

  8. Could you do a video on discipline for your children? I'm raising 2 boys and they can be so trying, yours seem so well behaved and respectful!

  9. Ruthiepie says:

    Girl I always enjoy watching u cook, your meals always look yummy!

  10. KiE bEaR says:

    I wish I could watch your life every second of the day!! lOl

  11. zandr123 says:

    Hi, I've had the same problem with my dogs and it could be that they are bored/have too much energy and that's why they chew on stuff 🙂

  12. Audrey Reyes says:

    still can't believe ant won ink master. you guys are so humble. love it

  13. You and Anthony are true relationship goals! Love you both! Is there anyway you can do a home tour while you're doing vlogmas?

  14. LindaaLovee9 says:

    Is Dominic ok? Just shy? I hope he is ok ?

  15. Kristen S. says:

    Omg I LOVE HOW YOU EDIT♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  16. Kristen S. says:

    your lips look so gooood!!!!!!

  17. 3G Mom says:

    Why are all teenage boys like that ? My son also doesn't answer me when I asked him how was his day. He's like always in foul mood. And when I want to take photos of him he will shun or showed his unhappy face on camera. I am so pissed with his behavior!

  18. My dog is Psycho and chews the walls, the cabinets in my kitchen and the chairs in our dining room. ??

  19. Kasey do you watch Jen Heward?

  20. Maria Soldi says:

    holy crap Dominic is so big now! awwww he grew up before our very eyes! lol

  21. the dinners you make always look so good!

  22. also antlers from the pet store are good to keep dogs occupied so they won't chew on your stuff. and they last a long time ?

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