School Lunch Ideas

My daughters school lunches for the past week.

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22 Responses

  1. Ramdon fun says:

    wont the ice cream melt?

  2. amanda Pat says:

    I remember having at least 45 min for lunch when I was in elementary school

  3. Wow! I can't believe they only have 20 mins to eat! ?

  4. ketly9080 says:

    I believe the parents need to start a petition of some sort regarding only about 20 minutes for lunch time in your district. If she packs a lunch that means she just go to the table and start to eat. What about the kids that have to stand in the lunch line? Picture if you are at the end of the lunch line. That 20 mins basically cuts down to about 10 minutes.

  5. I love the idea of the frozen lemon juice! Great idea – I pack infused fruit waters for the kids often so the addition of some frozen lemon ice cubes will be awesome ?. Where did you find the cheddar "fries"?

  6. T Mitchell says:

    I have learned so many ideas from you!! Thank you again.?

  7. Cabbie says:

    I have 15 min to eat? Teachers eat when the kids go to art and stuff

  8. xEve Bradyx says:

    I'm still in school and we only have 5 or 10 minutes to eat

  9. Sha721 says:

    My daughter is in preschool & they eat in their classroom. They have 30 minutes to eat. I like fresh lemon juice ice cube idea. I might try that for daughter & myself

  10. That was so sweet of you to have lunch with your daughter???

  11. I love your daughters leggings there adorable

  12. Holly Wilson says:

    I get 5 mins to eat if that…I'm always in trouble for eating in class but I need to eat in the 8 hours I'm at school and then I go straight to my voluntary job! Not enough time to eat

  13. Tiffany says:

    your daughter is so adorable, love her socks. its so sweet you get to have lunch with her i remember loving that as a child.

  14. scrubies1 says:

    Would you speak to school peeps and ask bout extending lunch 10 minutes? My son is starting kindergarten next yr no way would that be enough time.

  15. Another great video Margaret ???

  16. I'm only 17 and I watch your videos religiously. Is that weird? Lol. I hope I'm as good as a mom as you are one day.

  17. Mango Megan says:

    Congrats!!!!! U made it to 10,000 OMG!!!! I'm SOOO happy!

  18. U should take this last day of footage to show and complain it is so wrong what they do

  19. Thanks for giving me some ideas for lunches! That is sort of insane how long they have to eat. Also my girls love those veggies straws. Great as always keep up the good work mama! ?

  20. phellie says:

    You can also peel the lemons and cut them in pieces/slices and freeze them. Great for water and also good for meals.

  21. Cora Lodger says:

    At my school 1st-8th ( was a kindergarten to 12th grade school) had an hour and 15 minutes for the lunch break. The rule was that we can eat all of our food before we went to play in the gym. If we didn't finish all our food we had to stay in the classroom and play quietly in the classroom. In high school we had 35-45 minutes depending on the day

  22. what had the meatballs?? looks really good and easy to make

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