Wine & Cheese Party | Holiday Entertaining Ideas

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41 Responses

  1. Amendo P says:

    Omg I love cheese so much. I just eat the whole block of cheese

  2. YOU ARE SO CUTE AND CREATIVE. Love your content and you SO much

  3. Beth Gates says:

    That is so super cute and fancy! I would also tape a toothpick or (cocktail stick) to the back of the adorable signs for ease of placement in the corkscrews ?

  4. First Last says:

    What do you do with all the yummy food after shooting your video?

  5. Alejandra PC says:

    I really like your videos. You are so natural and funny, by the way I LOVE WINE AND CHEESE parties!!!!

  6. This is a must try ???

  7. Tanya Walker says:

    Now if everyone wasn't so busy I would do it.

  8. maddie2781 says:

    I absolutely loved your dorky moment. It was so cute.

  9. I would never leave this table if I were at this party! You thought of everything!!!!!

  10. The stinkiest cheeses are always the best… Don't judge me.

  11. Artbug says:

    This is AMAZING! :D

  12. Tru_ Passion says:

    Great idea and very pretty

  13. these are all the best diy food a decor videos ive seen thus far! ? but which one to choose ?

  14. GQue BBQ says:

    Tis the season! Beautiful Spread!

  15. Lolia Pokima says:

    I really like this holiday entertainment segment!!!!! You are so creative

  16. OMG I was looking exactly today about that kind of videos, thank you!! Now I have a better and updated (the other ones I saw where from 3 or 5 years back) idea.

  17. melbell1009 says:

    Love the video!! Your spread looks delicious and elegant!!! So festive!!! ????

  18. I saw Wine and Cheese Party and clicked IMMEDIATELY. I love nothing more, no lie.

  19. Eli Hinze says:

    Okay, so I'm not a big party-thrower, but I am a notorious picnic-er. And let me tell you, I ADORE shirking down these party ideas of yours into picnic feasts. Of course I won't bring the amount of food you have, only about a sixth of the size at most since it's usually just my boyfriend and me, but it is awesome.
    This one lends itself to some particularly cool possibilities!

  20. I love all the puns your fit into your videos! They are always so clever and funny, they make my day. That with delicious food ideas, and you've got gold :D

  21. Aleena Perez says:

    My most favorite series!!!!

  22. Anet Ch says:

    Super, perfect….so so creating

  23. elliee x says:

    I am absolutely in love with these party/entertainment ideas, definetly want to try one of them and I think its going to be the new years one ❤❤❤ lots of love x

  24. goodi2shooz says:

    I would be very very happy to be invited to a party like this ! and I didn't know you guys had an Etsy Shop, how awesome is that!

  25. Haha, my friends and I have wine and cheese parties, so this is awesome!

    Cheese hurts so much, but it's so worth it. Lol.

  26. Julie B says:

    I'm French and I really looove what you have done, I really want cheese right now :')

  27. emma 44 says:

    This looks very expensive. Awesome tough

  28. wine and cheese is the perfect mix

  29. I love your singing, magnificent spread.

  30. Wish I was there! Going to recreate some of these ideas for me next party. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tips in this video series.

  31. Betz says:

    This was by far my fave video, i think i will watch it over and over. May i ask a favor? Can yoh provide a list of food items you used? like a shopping list? Also your singing was ? i loved it

  32. cookieplz93 says:

    Oh my gosh I would love to go to a party like that!!! I'm having a holiday party in January but I can not afford all of that yummy goodness sadly. :(

  33. this is a mazing. .love it

  34. This is really fabulous and beautiful! I rarely comment but just had to because this was so awesome in every way! ♥️

  35. Kim Aberin says:

    I'm so in love with this series! Your ideas are incredible ❤

  36. bravo! it s so smart,beautifull and seems fun. thank you and please ,sing ?

  37. Ellie says:

    Looks AMAZING!!!! :))))

  38. Luana Mendes says:

    To avoid the danger of cutting yourself, may I suggest: you can cut a tooth pick in half, insert part of it in the cork and tape the rest onto your labels 🙂
    Love cheese boards!!!

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