Homemade Easy Syrup Dough Sweet Recipe

Hello gentlemen welcome ladies
This video is a regional dessert Mustafa kemal pasha fresh recipe I give
I will make a sorbet dessert fried small pastries
 Ready-made dumplings
I place it in a large tray
There is a video explaining how these dough balls are prepared follow him now
Two eggs, half a kilo of unsalted cheese, a glass of semolina, vanilla, add flour
Round in a bowl and cook in medium oven
I add ten kilos of sugar for sherbet
It will be one-tenth of the number of cakes for you to do at home
I add one lemon juice
I add fifteen liters of boiling water
Mix with intervals for sugar solution
It needs to boil for about ten minutes
Add boiling syrup,
 I’m going to get the shots in the hot oven
Heat the oven temperature a hundred degrees and keep these desserts for about an hour in the heat
The oven does not work, it just needs to be hot
After an hour the desserts were poured into the syrup
 I add a tabagreed pudding to decorate the dessert
A little chocolate and sweet
Add coconut and ready to serve
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