Epic Soccer Ball cake & COLLAB (football, fútbol)

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Hi I am Ann Reardon, How to Cook That is my youtube channel it is filled with crazy sweet creations made just for you. Join me for creative cakes, chocolate & desserts, new video every Friday.

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37 Responses

  1. CTB Videos says:

    This is great! You could even paint the logo of your soccer team or any brand on it to make it more realistic. Can you give us a suggestion what you could use instead of fondant?

  2. How disappointing.. this is definitely not an EPIC cake, and that clickbait thumbnail… I am really disappointed. I've seen much more epic cakes that you've baked in the past, but this one is just simple round cake with a crushed oreos between layers. Also how many more videos are there going to be with either clickbait title or thumbnail? I am starting to dislike this channel…

  3. an cat cake please:)

  4. krypthon says:

    Please make an attack on titan cake

  5. Lou Guise says:

    Thought you had finished xxx

  6. Loved the video!!!!!!!!

  7. Bdog 128 says:

    Eggs look weird in Australia, in America they aren't as yellow. Strange ?

  8. Reemie786 says:

    Ann it's not a Collaboration if the person's not in the video.

  9. ulla elfadil says:

    love your videos! hello from qatar!

  10. Make an afl football

  11. Sana Ali says:

    Omg you are so talented

  12. Abby Lin says:

    can you do a unicorn cake please! my niece has requested one for her birthday and i would l9ve to see your version!

  13. this was click bait

  14. Have a nice weekend

  15. Hi Ann you are like my baking idol ? you so much

  16. Mumy 22 says:

    Plz do a pokemon cake!

  17. Sparkle Girl says:

    Wow Ann you must be strong to use such a small whisk to mix such thick batter :)

  18. Tyrese M says:

    I love you Ann reardon

  19. Do a back to school cake

  20. I love your videos can you do a troll poppy cake ?

  21. this cake was soo delicous

  22. I agree you need to make a 3D ocean cake

  23. We call it voetbal in dutch

  24. dont use margarine. its worst type of fat you can get… use butter, way healthier and way tastier.

  25. Mona Eleanor says:

    now if only matt meese was here, we could throw this at his face and yell,



  26. Yay I love your videos

  27. hammerjump says:

    It would be amazing if you could do a gymnastics cake or a trampoline cake! ?

  28. EmziieLou77 says:

    Hi ann, i was just wondering do you know any nice simple banana cake recipes? Its something that sometimes goes to waste in my house ( fussy bunch, we dont like them too ripe) and im thinking i could possibly incorporate them into a cake :)

  29. Hey Ann could you please make a moving car cake? My son is a huge fan of cars and he'd love a moving car cake for his birthday!!!

  30. Even though I'm girly, I would love a football cake

  31. Can you make a Netflix cake?

  32. Lucy G. says:

    Ann, you've done it again. I'M SO HUNGRY!!!! ? ? ? ?

  33. Falgor n says:

    this. is. creepy. i went on that EXACT same spot in that dam right there. this is creepy

  34. Ann, please make a volleyball cake! I love volleyball and it's my favorite sport! ???

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