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More than 55 Delicious “quick & Easy Recipes” How to Fix Dinner . . . in a Snap! Southern Comfort food at it’s Best! *plus Soups, Salads & Tempting Desserts! * Quick, Easy & Yummy for the entire family!five Star Reviews!”delicious Yummy Recipes! I honestly can’t wait to try some of these dishes! I am always looking for new meal ideas and this book delivered. We eat a lot of chicken and there were some creative meal ideas. I would highly recommend this book if you need to add some variety to your cooking, save money and eat nutritiously.” Patricia T.”rock’n Recipes! My kids think Mom’s new recipes rock, and they will never know that some times I need a little creative help in the kitchen, lol. The “chicken & Cheesy Bake” has become one of our favorites and I appreciate the shopping tips too. This one’s a winner Amanda, thanks.” T. Perry”who Wouldn’t Want Cheap Meals That Are Good And Wholesome! Amanda did a excellent job with this book. Cheap quality food that is nutritious is a rarity in this day and age. The tips to save money were an added bonus and of course the recipes are top notch. I applaud this author for being very conscious of healthy ingredients.” Doc Rickwe all need to save money & watch our budget, especially at the grocery store!these days everyones budget is strained and eating healthy is at a much higher cost than it used to be. And although we need to prepare low cost foods and have quick alternatives, we also need to serve healthy food for our family.delicious comfort foods with a healthy twist! Quick & Easy! If you want some great cheap easy meals to help you reduce your high grocery bills and minimize the junk food, check out this recipe book! It’s filled with cheap healthy recipes! The recipes are scrumptious and the book is filled with money saving tips, helpful hints and ideas on healthy food & cooking


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